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Gang Bang Angels 8 DVD Front

Review: Gang Bang Angels 8

Alex Ladd’s eighth instalment in the “Gang Bang Angels” series features an achingly sexy Czech-beauty Daniella Rush {semi-muscular, six pack abs, insane ass and natural tits, and legs that are out of this world} doing something that she confesses was a long time fantasy of hers: “Taking on many...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 01 Oct 2015 | Reviews | No Comments
I'm A Cheerleader So Bang Me DVD Front

Review: I’m A Cheerleader So Bang Me

A girl dressed in a cheerleader outfit reads off a letter supposedly written by a fan (Mark Kulkis is the actual author, well, according to the credits) who is looking for advice. Said advice is then acted out for our approval. Rinse and repeat this four more times and...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 10 Feb 2013 | Reviews | 3 Comments
Mandingo The Mauler DVD Front

Review: Mandingo The Mauler

Not only does this compilation feature porn’s most well-endowed leading man, Mandingo (2006’s “Mandingo Thick And Juicy“), it also promises a whopping fifty cumshots, one never released scene and two scenes which have previously only been available on the web. Wow! Gotta hand it to Brandon Iron (2001’s “Try-a-teen...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 25 Nov 2011 | Reviews | 7 Comments
Try-a-teen 4 DVD Front

Review: Try-a-teen 4

Anyone who actually reads this site on a continual basis knows by now the name Christina Saunders. It pops every so often in a review, typically as a comparison device or something to simply keep me interested. Also by now, you most surely know who Christina is, but for...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 14 Nov 2011 | Reviews | 1 Comment

Review: Try-a-teen 5

Legend’s long running More Dirty Debutantes knock-off series features hot sultry young women steaming up the screen with the equally hot young bucks Brandon Iron and Mark Wood. A lot of films of this type have come and gone over the years, but the early Try A Teen series...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 15 Dec 2010 | Reviews | 3 Comments