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White Wife Black Cock 4 DVD Front

Review: White Wife Black Cock 4

Hampered by director Logan’s wonky camera angles and an over-abundance of deepupinit-type close-ups, Smash Pictures’ “White Wife Black Cock 4” tends to be a lot of fun whilst also being a bit of an eye-sore. While the set-ups are silly and uninspired (one even borders on racist), the sex...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 25 May 2013 | Reviews | 2 Comments
Mandingo The Mauler DVD Front

Review: Mandingo The Mauler

Not only does this compilation feature porn’s most well-endowed leading man, Mandingo (2006’s “Mandingo Thick And Juicy“), it also promises a whopping fifty cumshots, one never released scene and two scenes which have previously only been available on the web. Wow! Gotta hand it to Brandon Iron (2001’s “Try-a-teen...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 25 Nov 2011 | Reviews | 7 Comments

Review: Gangbanged 2

Structurally similar to the misogynistic trash released by Christopher Alexander’s Anabolic Productions a decade earlier, Mason injects a false notion of female empowerment into the show, which, I guess, is meant to help make the sexual and misogynistic depravity on display here easier to swallow. If anything, it smoothes...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 27 Sep 2011 | Reviews | 8 Comments