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Venus In Furs DVD Front

Review: Venus In Furs

It’s been years since his mother passed away, and Xander is worried that his father, Gordon, Tony De Sergio (credits: Tony DeSergio), will never be able to move on and find some one else to love. “I don’t want you to be lonely. I worry about you,” Xander tells...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 25 Nov 2012 | Reviews | 6 Comments
Kick Azz: A XXX Parody DVD Front

Review: Kick Azz: A XXX Parody

Earlier this year, an Austrian man suspected of being a member of al Qaeda was detained by police in Berlin. He was reportedly carrying with him the most important haul of al Qaeda materials in the last year, aside from those confiscated in Osama bin Laden’s compound. According to...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 23 Sep 2012 | Reviews | 5 Comments
Mandingo: Hide Your Wives DVD Front

Review: Mandingo: Hide Your Wives

Hot on the heels of “Mandingo Massacre” Jules Jordan scores some of the hottest MILFs in the business for his buddy Mandingo to get all hot and sweaty with. While the set-ups are weak (or non-existent) the sex is scorching, the lighting is plentiful and the camera work (by...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 25 Nov 2011 | Reviews | 5 Comments
Mandingo Massacre DVD Front

Review: Mandingo Massacre

Jules Jordan lines up five girls of varying ages for horse-cocked Mandingo (2011’s “Slut Puppies 5“) to get all “romanik” with. Just kidding. If you’re looking for romance, you’ll have to look elsewhere as this is straight wall-to-wall black-on-white pussy massacring action that I’m sure will appeal to those...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 21 Nov 2011 | Reviews | 2 Comments

Review: Sex Driven

Marcus London (2010’s “Not Charlie’s Angels XXX“) is a race car driver with a penchant for danger. He finds it wherever; be it through theft, or driving too fast or even screwing his soon-to-be-employer’s wife mere seconds before he’s scheduled to arrive home. He gets off on it, but...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 20 May 2011 | Reviews | 11 Comments

Review: Kayden’s College Tails

Five scenes connected only by the fact that the players are supposedly in college, that’s what we’re working with here. With the exception of Charley Chase’s encounter, the scenes are poorly lit, mechanical and mostly boring. Nobody seems much into it, not even the headliner, former Digital Playground contract girl,...
Posted by JLB-Videotramp | 16 Mar 2011 | Reviews | 8 Comments