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(Note: I don’t usually resort to linking off to the iafd.com but here I felt it was warranted since so few of the performers actually have names.)

College students having sex is nothing new. College kids filming themselves having sex also probably isn’t that new, especially in this day of webcams and camera phones, and it seems well past the time that somebody might want to try to cash in on it. Well, it seems the folks at DareDorm.com have stepped up to the proverbial plate, promising ten thousand large ones for party college sex footage. Up to the challenge,  randy college kids armed with video cameras, alcohol and healthy sex drives have been sending in enough content to fill a website and eleven distinct DVD volumes, with more on the way. Homegrown Video for the college crowd, as it were. Well, that’s the premise. I have a feeling that the reality isn’t nary as exciting.


Real college students filming themselves having sex, that’s what the website promises. Yeah, doubtful. Maybe some of these “real college students” are enrolled in college somewhere but I certainly don’t believe anything transpiring in these scenes to be genuine beyond that. Most of these so-called dare dormers are actually wannabe pornstars available for booking on the hundred or so talent agencies out there. Another big giveaway that this whole thing is a charade is the music playing in the various segments. Good luck identifying any of the songs or singers. No familiar beats to be heard here. Clearly they have been licensed for use by the rights holders on the cheap. Rowdy drunks typically don’t concern themselves with such trivialities like lawsuits. Finally, the greatest hint of deception is the dialogue which seems like a really bad game of ‘Whose line is it, anyway?’ While we’re supposed to believe that these people are friends just hanging out filming themselves screwing over a typical weekend, it’s pretty clear that the majority are performers who have only just met and are doing their best through improv to convey the hectic college atmosphere, however, the lack of rehearsal and acting skills ultimately taints the fantasy. One claims that school just started while, a few minutes later, another states that exams are coming up in a few weeks or days. Clearly one cancels the other out and clearly this is just a bunch of play acting. That aside, it is what it is. If you chose to believe that’s up to you. There’s no denying the fact that everyone here seems to be having a great time.


Intended to sell the amateur lie is the camera work. Yikes! Handled by the various performers, it proves so atrocious that it is sure to induce nausea when viewed on a large enough screen. A sizable chunk of the footage here is eaten up by out-of-focus and whirring, moving-too-fast, shots. In one instance, the camera remains positioned sideways on the floor for nearly a minute, pointing at the carpet. WTF? As this is the first volume, it seems that some elements of this grand experiment have been improved in later volumes, namely the videography. Thank god for that. Here, you merely have to  endure.


In the first segment, titled “College: North Carolina”, we are introduced to a group of students lining their dorm walls in plastic – preparation for the bubble machine they have set up. After dousing two gals in water, they head inside the room where others are lurking, turn on the machine and get to partying. The students include: a short haired, lithe-bodied brunette with a tattoo on her upper back and a, I think, bat on her lower back. She also has a right nostril and navel piercing; a Spanish speaking gal with large boobs and long brown hair (she only fools around); a punk rocker type gal with black/pink hair and her lower lip and both nipples pierced; a really pretty glasses-wearing brunette with sizeable knockers to match her sexy attitude; a pretty Russian girl who wears sunglasses and doesn’t participate outside of showing off her body and cheering the crowd on; an annoying Asian-looking dude; a blonde muscular guy with a large Eagle on his left shoulder; and, finally, a dark haired fellow with a good build, Chinese text down his right side and a large cross on his left shoulder. After the bubble shower and after everyone has properly disrobed, the pretty brunette and her punker friend hit the top bunk and fool around. The sexy short haired gal wants some of that all-girl action and purrs to the boys pawing at her, “Give me five minutes.” She crawls up and gets to work licking. Eventually the two tattooed guys climb atop and get to on sharing the two gals while the short haired gal makes time with the annoying guy on the bottom bunk. Only one of the guys orgasms, across the punker girl’s backside and the scene ends.


The second segment, titled “College: Pennsylvania”, involves less people but is a tad more fun. Grace Wood, you know, just your typical college girl moonlighting as a porn girl, gathers in a dorm room with a Russian guy named Yan and his tattooed pal, who is never named, and a sexy brunette, also never named. There’s also a blonde who leaves to “study” and another, pornstar Liz Black, who arrives late to the game. Everybody strips and fools around, with the girls sharing both cocks. Wood does most of the filming and commenting. Only Yan is able to cum, squirting a healthy load across Black’s backside. The girls seem ready to give him a standing ovation, they are so excited. The scene cuts away just as one of the girls (Liz, I think?) starts getting scrappy with another girl. “Why don’t you just shut the fuck up!” she barks. Cut! What the hell? Now I’m interested.


The last (and most populated) segment, titled “College: Ohio”, finds a group of people sitting around a small dorm room chatting. There’s two guys and four girls, only one of whom I recognized, thanks to this thread. She’s Charlotte Foxxx aka April Malone, a long haired brunette with a noticeable overbite and great attitude. Apparently she has been making the rounds of the amateur internet porn circuit for about four years now. Here, she mostly looks bored. Chattering about Lady Gaga and Megan Fox gives way to a horrible improv session in which they talk about some fake teacher and some fake classes they have etc. It’s nonsense and these guys can’t act. Two other people arrive and they all play a version of “fill in the blanks” until the camera girl (god what a gorgeous creature she is!) suggests that it’s too boring. Eventually a penis is whipped out and a couple of girls inhale it. The folks are: a long haired girl who looks half black and half Asian with a lithe body and smallish tits; a pretty girl with dark blonde shoulder length frizzy hair and a shaved crotch; a blonde with shoulder length hair and nice breasts; a gorgeous long-haired brunette (who handles the camera work for much of the early part); Jason, a not-too-bright brown haired guy; Josh, a smart alek who proves the comic relief of the scene, even when he can’t produce an orgasm; and, last but not least, David, a middle-eastern guy with a decent build. It’s the unveiling of his penis that kick starts the party. Jason and the camera girl goddess head to a corner and screw on a dresser. Josh hooks up with Charlotte, David tangles with the short haired blonde, while the last two gals lez out on Josh’s top bunk. Everybody gets a turn on the camera and things get hazy. The multi ethnic girl manages to coax an orgasm out of Jason across her tits to end the scene.

Condoms used in the first and third segments.

Production dates not given. Released on: 9/20/2010.

Okay, here’s a weird one. Dare Dorm is notorious for not crediting the performers in their videos so, every once in awhile, I and the other iafd editors will run checks on the various uncredited / unknown performers in hopes of finding a match with a performer already in the db. We also do it with Dick Dorm, Haze Her, College Rules, Dancing Bear, Submit Your Bitch, Public Disgrace and Horny Birds, basically any series that utilizes large crowds of un-named people. Every once in awhile we get lucky. We find that an unknown girl (or guy) is actually [insert name] who appeared in three Jules Jordan movies, for example.

While running an unknown perf check on the Dare Dorm performers, one of the editors, Flygal, couldn’t help but notice how much one unknown girl who appeared in Dare Dorm 1, in the first segment filmed in North Carolina, resembled Brittanee Drexel, a girl who disappeared while on spring break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on April 25, 2009. While we seriously doubt they are one and the same, it’s still kind of creepy how much they look alike. 

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