Megan Jones, Daisy Duxxx, Ashley Gracie and Sexy Outdoor Sports

Last month at the iafd.com, we received an angry submission about actress Megan Jones concerning her work with Sexy Outdoor Sports. The submitter listed seven scenes featuring Megan, who has worked for Reality Kings in the past, shooting and killing a rabbit, a pig, a rat and a deer. Since we don’t tend to list clips, we decided to mark it done without actually dealing with it. Now Gene Ross has decided to bring up the issue on his website.


In her first film, “Nude And Erotic Hunting Volume 1″, for a Georgian-based company, Daisy Duxxx also shot and killed a water buffalo, urinated on its testicles and then had sex with Lars (the owner of the company) right beside and on top of it as it lay dying. It is because of this film, many people in the industry refused to work with her.


Ashley Gracie also appeared in a video for Sexy Outdoor Sports, killing a billing goat and having sex on its corpse.

Ed Powers cast both Daisy and Ashley in his movie “More Dirty Debutantes 319″, at the height of the controversy, and defended them saying, “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Here are but a few of the links sent along. Warning these are graphic: You can decide for yourself if they deserve a second chance.









After you watch, you have to wonder how anyone could find this acceptable.

An American film-maker?

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