Ed Powers

Widely regarded as one of the most influential and important figures in the adult cinema landscape, Ed Powers (who has gone by various other names including Master P., Mark Arnold, Marc Arnold and Edward Powers) was born Mark Arnold Krinsky on October 25, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York.

From working a door man at a sex club to performing in his own line of videos, the best selling “More Dirty Debutantes” series, along with nearly 900 other titles, everyman Ed has earned himself numerous awards, the respect of his peers and, most importantly, more notches on his belt than any stud currently working.

He’s a legend. An icon.

(UPDATED: Thanks to Ed Powers’ input, I have gone through and corrected some things. Thank you, Ed. It means a lot. You’ve inspired me in so many ways. My goal going in was to write the most definitive Ed Powers bio on the net and, in a way, I guess I succeeded  It was good enough to raise the interest of the man himself and even get URL dropped on his website. Relying on 20 years of articles, interviews, Ed’s two blogs and his massive inventory of film, I was able to pull together, I think, something interesting and informative for his fans, which was my intent all along. I have included a wealth of images if only to compliment the article (and maybe shine a light on the epic hawtness that is Ed’s life), but have rendered them unclickable. Sorry, folks, if you like what you see and you want more, then I suggest you head on over to Ed’s site (EdPowers.com) and get yourself a membership a.s.a.p. Also, visit his Facebook page when you get a chance.






From Cop To Porn Icon


Widely regarded as one of the most influential and important figures in the adult cinema landscape, Ed Powers (who has gone by various other names including Master P., Mark Arnold, Marc Arnold and Edward Powers) was born Mark Arnold Krinsky on October 25, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York.

Son of proud Jewish parents, he attended Thomas Jefferson Highschool until integration made his stay unbearable and he was forced to transfer out. Landing at Canarsie High, a progressive school which was experimenting with an out-of-school work curriculum, he enrolled in a tentative program which allowed him to attend classes one week while working the next. As a messenger at the Gulf And Western building on 58th Street and Columbus Circle, he excelled.


In 1966, things took a turn for the worse when Ed’s father passed away and the government assistance that his mother was receiving ran out. Facing dire financial straits, he concluded that quitting highschool and working full-time was the best way to facilitate his family’s financial woes. He regretted this, and at 21 years of age, he was finally able to get his GED.

In 1970, Powers found good-paying work as a security officer in Starrett City (a housing complex in Brooklyn, New York). After it was built, he was deputized as a peace officer-which meant that he had peace officer status within the confines of Starrett City. He had to observe city law, but it was privately owned. Whilst working as a P.O., he side-lined as a social worker, helping people who were facing eviction from their homes.

In the late 70’s, captivated by the youthful energy of the sex industry, Powers, a man with an admittedly “enhanced” sex drive, soon found himself gravitating towards 42nd Street in New York. In 1978, Ed opted to quit his job at the housing complex to work as a door man at 42nd’s largest porn and peep emporium, Show World. He would grow to resent the seediness of the place, especially his co-workers, whom he described as “dishonest” and “arrogant.” Next Ed landed at Les Gals where he would work the midnight to eight shift. Under Ed’s management, the nightly take went from a paltry 200 a night to two thousand.


Ed would bed down with scores of women in that time. “I was bringing home a different girl almost every night from the club,” Ed said on his radio show. A modern day stud was born. He would often snap polaroids of these one night stands and even managed to churn out a pair of obscure 8mm films, “Just Plain Jill” and “Wine God Bodies”.

Having tasted the fruit, Ed wanted more and before long he would find even better paying work inside the club, participating in live sex shows alongside many adult industry performers including Joey Silvera, something he discussed in detail in a 2005 K-Sex radio interview with Carmen Luvana.


In 1982, on the advice of a fortune teller who told him to “get out of New York,” Ed made the life-changing decision to move out to the City of Angels to try and break into the adult film industry, which was burgeoning with the advent of home video recorders.

Ed’s first cousin, Carter Tweasdale aka Boomer Tibbs, had appeared in a handful of adult films including “Wanda Whips Wallstreet”, “Daddy’s Little Girls” and others, so Ed wasn’t completely unfamiliar with the adult film industry.

While staying with his brother, who had moved out to L.A. earlier, Ed soon discovered that success wasn’t instantaneous and he was forced to get a job at Gemco, a small retail outlet, to pay his bills.

Fate soon intervened when Ed Powers bumped into porn legend John Holmes while dining at a local Sizzler.

“I found myself at a Sizzler, and who do I bump into but John Holmes. That was crazy.”

Holmes remembered Ed from New York and the two hit it off. Holmes saw real potential in Ed and the two became fast friends.

Powers later got a wrong number in an attempt to call Hot Times, a now defunct magazine. “The wrong number was Bill Margold. I ended up meeting him, and he gave me a little advice. He likes to say I’m one of his kids.” Not long after, Ed secured a job as a writer for the magazine, a digest for the adult film industry. His friendship with Holmes would come into play in 1984, when, with Holmes’ help, he was able to secure interviews with some of the biggest names in the adult business. Ed interviewed numerous people including Bruce Seven, Loretta Sterling and John Holmes.


In 1985 he was hired by Fred Hirsch (father of Steven Hirsh) as a salesman for his Adult Video Corporation, selling movies over the phone. His sales were spectacular and later that year he was scooped up by Ed DeRoo (aka Loretta Sterling) as a salesman for his 4-Play video company. Powers inherited the company from DeRoo later that year.

“They hired me straight on. A man named Dave Arthur [Kirdy Stevens] said to me why would you go to work for them. I said I like underdogs and 4-Play was kind of an underdog. When I went with them they were just finishing Loose Ends with Erica Boyer and Janey Robbins. Harry Reems was also in that one. I eventually took over the company. I had the idea to do my own schtick, and that’s how seeds are planted.

Ed’s first acting credits came in 1986’s “Body Slam” where he played a referee (it resulted in him breaking his glasses) and “Loose Ends 5” (filmed in 1987 but released in 1988), for director Bruce Seven. Over the next few years, while working as a salesman, he also worked behind the scenes on a number of Bruce Seven producitons. “I wrote for him, assisted him and did features with him as a director,” Ed wrote on his blog. Be it producing or acting as a video technician or handling art direction, Ed was more than happy to help out. In reality, Ed was looking towards the future and he decided the best way to get there was by slowly and deliberately familiarizing himself with the craft of movie making.


Once again, Ed’s excellence as a sales person pushed 4-Play into the spotlight as one of the leading adult film production companies in the mid-1980’s. While Ed worked sporadically as a director and a writer, it was the prospect of performing on-camera that really intrigued him. His few performing bits, mostly in bondage fare, left him inspired. He’d gotten a taste of the action and knew he needed more.

With a pair of black socks and some black rimmed eye-glasses, Mark Arnold Krinsky transformed himself into Ed Powers, and a legend was thus born. He explained the black socks in a blog post: “Dating back years ago, while hanging out with my friends, I’d share a Polaroid or two of pics I would take of my early sexplorations and in every pic you would see my socks on, which back in the day were argyle. So as a homage to my friends and that time I wore my socks on tape.”


Through that name, which afforded him some level of anonymity, although not much, he allowed his creativity to flow unabated and before long the cop turned pornstar would find himself basking in the praise of his peers while simultaneously racking up a list of lovers that would make most men’s head spin. What started to as a hodge-podge of scatter shot ideas, would evolve into one of the best selling series on the planet.

In 1988, Ed began conceiving a video line for himself one that would afford him the opportunity to have as much sex as possible with as many different women as possible. Every man’s fantasy. The series was titled “Bus Stop Tales”, and it premiered a year later in 1989, with Ed wearing all the hats including producer, director and, of course, performer.


Also in 1988, Jamie Gillis began work on “On The Prowl” series. The similarity of the two films left some wondering who copied who. In a January, 2001 blogpost, Ed claimed that he first conceived “Bus Stop Tales” in 1988. In an interview with Gene Ross later that year, Ed would re-iterate this claim.

This wouldn’t stop Ed from giving his old friend thanks. A title card appearing at the end of volume 1 of “Bus Stop Tales” read: “Privert Video will like to thank Jamie Gillis for inspiration and for opening up the doors for a new genre in video with his ‘On The Prowl’ series.

In a February 20, 2010 AVN.com interview, conducted just months before he passed away, Jamie Gillis would discuss “Bus Stop Tales” and its impact on the porn landscape. Gillis pointed out that Powers himself was the first to acknowledge its [“On The Prowl”] influence.


“On the very first Bus Stop Tales—I don’t know if Ed has removed it, but I have a copy of the original—it has a little message at the end thanking Jamie Gillis for—I forget the exact wording—but thanking Jamie Gillis for introducing a whole new genre.” Gillis said, adding “he was very excited about “On the Prowl” and he immediately went out and shot “Bus Stop Tales”.

Ed disagreed:

“As to who hailed the Gonzo Era first, whether it was “On The Prowl” or “Bus Stop Tales?” I always had a tremendous amount of respect for Jamie’s heritage in the Adult Business and paid him respect in the first Bus Stop Tale giving him credit for opening the doors for something different. The fact is I had filmed my parts prior to Jamie’s production of “On The Prowl” But what he was doing was so different from what I was doing. He was picking up guys and I was picking up girls. He did it with his partner, Alan (May he rest in peace). I promoted his series in mine and did everything I could to promote and help sell his product as well. I yield to his honor and say that he paved the way at the same time as I on a slightly different road. His road took a limo and mine was at the Bus Stop.” Ed added, “Years later the origin of who did what when and who was responsible for the concept of Bus Stop Tales and Dirty Debutantes went to court. I prevailed and won the case.”


Editor’s note: Given Ed’s reputation and very real creative history, I believe that Gillis may have been engaging him some revisionism with regards to the matter.

That aside, “Tales” was revolutionary in it’s guerilla-filmmaking style; appropriating the cinema verite philosophy of using non-actors, small hand-held units, real life situations and actual exteriors as filming locations (most times sans permit), as well as the now-popular point-of-view shot and adapting it perfectly to porn. Ed chose reality over contrivance, and in doing so, crafted something never before seen in adult films. Each “Bus Stop Tale” featured Ed Powers seducing unsuspecting women at a bus stop and then taking them back to his place, where the situation would often grow increasingly more intimate.

On his radio show, Ed recalled that, on occasion, things got a little dangerous. “There were a lot of trials and tribulations in that sometimes I would drive around and nobody would be there or you would suspect that some people were not as friendly. I did, during the credits, I can’t remember which volume of Bus Stop Tales, but during the credits, I played the audio of three or four attempts that weren’t successful which was interesting. That was the only time I think I did that. One of the things you heard, if you were listening to it, was some boyfriend had walked his girl and he kept his eye on her at the bus stop and I came up with the camera and he ran over and grabbed my camera and started a fight.”

Over the next several years, other directors found inspiration in Ed’s distinct reality-based shooting style including John Stagliano, Seymore Butts and Rodney Moore, and together, they helped usher in the new era of gonzo porn, for better or worse. Nowadays numerous companies including Bang Bros and Mofos offer a variation on the street pick up artist scenario that Ed created.


What started off as an experiment quickly turned into something even more ground-breaking, as “Bus Stop Tales” would evolve into the multi award-winning “More Dirty Debutantes”. Although technically similar to “Bus Stop Tales”, this series did away with the ‘pick-up’ angle, something that Ed felt had run its course, to focus more on the performers and their first time in front of a camera.

“It was with Mia Powers, the girl on the box cover. Ed knew nothing about it,” Gillis told Jared Rutter, of AVN.com. “She was the first Debutante. I brought the scene to Ed and said, ‘This is what I’m doing.’ He said, ‘Oh, this is terrific, this is a fabulous idea, please do it with me.'”

Again, Ed disagreed with Gillis’ assessment: “He did shoot the cover “Dirty Debutante” scene, which I completed with a follow up but I produced the whole package, cost and all. The first girl that was actually shot was Jo Kidd, a scene I show with Jamie, as talent, and Jo Kidd.”


“Most people believe that Mia Powers was the first Dirty Debutante in the series. Yes, she was the first cover girl on the first box but the actual first girl shot on tape for the series was ” Jo Kidd “, which is in the first volume. She worked with Jamie Gillis. The reason that I didn’t work with her that day was because she and I had sex three times the night before that never made it to tape.”

“The first 14 volumes of Bus Stop Tales were shot in the same vein as Dirty Debutantes with interviews and sex. I started shooting it actually in late 1988 and released the first one in 1989.”


In this series. young women- many of whom had never been in an adult film, would be interviewed and then have their first sexual experience with Ed and his fellow Nasty Brother, Jamie Gillis, on camera. By interviewing the women prior to the action, Ed was able to give the viewer a chance to actually get to know, not just him, but all of the girls on a much more personal level. In a sense, it became Ed’s foreplay and the lovemaking that followed was but a natural extension of their progressing intimacy.


Jamie would bow out only 40 volumes in, stating in an interview with Dirk Calhoun that Ed was constantly bringing women over for sex. “It just got to be too much.” Other Nasty Brothers would join him over the years including Paul Cox, Jay Ashley, Jake Steed and his personal favorite, Randy West. “I loved working with the others but Randy, [was] the best, as a friend and cohort.”


Using “More Dirty Debutantes” as a template, Powers developed more than a dozen off-shoots which were indistinguishable in technique but included various defining themes, as evidenced in the various show titles. Some of the lines he produced included:


“Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes” (1993) (in-depth look into specific Debs)
“New Ends” (1993) (New girls being anally deflowered by Ed)
“More Black Dirty Debutantes” (1995) (featuring specifically black Debs – another first. In an AVN interview, Jake Steed called it “revolutionary”)
“Dirty Dirty Debutantes” (1996) (featuring girls already “shot-out” or a few years into performing.)
“Exotica Erotika” (1997) (a series featuring Ed and Nasty Brother, Jake Steed, tag-teaming women)
“Global Warming Debutantes” (1997) (featuring Ed travelling to far off lands to sample the different cultures and their women – according to Ed, he’s been to more than 15 different countries to date)
“Porn O’ Plenty” (2000) (a collection of R&D scenes and other short segments not included in his other lines)
“Real Naturals” (2000) (designed to showcase first time couples and/or Ed making love to women while their husbands/boyfriends watched),
“Up In A Puff” (2001) (designed to indulge his smoking fetish, lasted only one volume)
“Touchy And Feety” (2001) (designed to indulge his fetish for feet)
“Dirtier Debutantes” (2003) (Ed described it as “intense sex without the guilt”, includes choking, dirty talk and  faster editing, as well, they were scored by John Further)
“Gonzoman (2003) (a straight-ahead POV line including a Q&A – intended as a new series but was ended after only two volumes)
“Cockless” (2000) (intended as an all-girl line for his then camera girl, Cherry Rain)


A fan writing for Excalibur Films, attempted to sum up the appeal of Ed’s movies in his review of “More Dirty Debutantes 7”.

“No obnoxious music, no fabricated sets, no scripts. It’s all as it happens. Interviews and sex. What makes the videos so great is the sexual anxiety… the interview builds up in the performers [and] that makes the scenes hot. ”


Indeed, the videos were conceptually brilliant… unfolding in stages and in a very natural way, not unlike how real sex works. The interview plants the seed. Ed, in his affable, debonair way, plies the girls with “loaded” questions about what they look for in a lover, about their sexual history and, most importantly,  if they are attracted to older men (i.e. him).  Ed eases them into a comfort zone. As the women begin to let down their guard and let Ed in – in a very personal way – their harmless chat suddenly begins to percolate with sexual tension. The atmosphere in the room changes. The anticipation builds and builds to a fever pitch. It’s like foreplay. The audience is desperate to see these two people make love. The tension is only compounded when Ed requests the woman strip for him. In the ultimate release, these two strangers finally get busy gratifying their pent-up sexual desires. The climax is reached only when Ed  reaches his. The meeting. The courting. The flirtation. The nervousness. The sex. The release.  It’s all there.

Threesomes, foursomes, group sex, lesbianism, anal sex, double penetration… or even a young woman losing her virginity on camera, Ed covers all of it in his videos. Strewn together, they form a single tapestry, a documentation of a man consumed by lust and exploring his (and others) sexuality without shame or guilt. It’s of little wonder why so many have attempted to copy his style over the years.


Over the years, Ed has has worked with various camera people, including college students, ex-Debutantes and even legendary director Henri Pachard. Mostly, however, Ed handled the filming, lighting and stills himself.

“I get a more personal video just one on one,” Ed said in a blog post. “Most shoots have more interruptions, especially when the still camera guy or gal gets in the middle of the action having the talent re-enact the whole thing for stills and then continue the action on video for the climax. The re-lighting of scenes can be an interruption as well.”


Utilizing the marketing savvy from his years with Fred Hirsch and, later, with 4-Play, Ed was able to secure mass distribution deals and thusly rack up substantial profits from his various series’, becoming a self-made multi-millionaire in the process. Over time, Ed would gain a reputation as someone who was kind, generous, and who treated women with respect, while paying them very well for their services.


The amount of content Ed produced was, in a word, shocking. In an August, 2000 blog post, Ed claimed that he was getting so many requests from new girls to work with him that he was increasing his workload from 50-60 to 60-90 women a month. “Why shouldn’t they pass through my gate first, they have to go somewhere first,” Ed said.


In his rush to produce content, some people felt the quality of his videos began to suffer. Ed replied on his blog:

“There’s a puzzled persons or two out there that just don’t get what I do. I am shoooting, for the most part, sexual documentaries. It is a documentary of a video taping of people new to being video taped. The sex life that is being documented for the most part is me, Ed Powers. Those who cry about the quality and the lighting, don’t get it. When you start messing around with lighting, you actually compromise the reality of the moment. I know I have pointed the camera into the light on occasions but if I stopped to change anything external to the scene, I would just be interrupting the action. Interrupting the action should be for features. I leave things in because it’s part of the moment.”


Surprisingly one of the criticisms levelled against Ed was that he wasn’t using enough “girl next door” types in his videos. Considering that young women would become the hallmark of his videos, the observation would seem without merit. He would address it in a lengthy June, 2001 blog post, suggesting that people have varying tastes and that pleasing everyone is a losing endeavour. “Its hard to please everyone, that’s why I please myself.”


Despite his nerdy looks, he would also gain a reputation for being kind, gentle and not to mention quite proficient in the sack, as his numerous lovers would attest. It was a reputation that would precede him. “I was like 18, buying your movies and beating off to you at home,” actress Dani Woodward told Ed prior to making love to him in “More Dirty Debutantes 266.”

In 1994, Ed was given the Humanitarian Award from the Berkley popular Culture Society, a reflection on his gracious treatment of women.

“It’s not just Porn when I make it, it’s Love….” he said.


Also impressive was his extraordinary stamina, sometimes shooting up to four scenes in a single day, including being able to ejaculate up to five times in a single scene. In the film “More Dirty Debutantes 49” Ed would do back to back scenes with Tina Summer and Ember Haze, racking up a whopping 10 cumshots between the two scenes.


His “Deep Inside” line also showcased his seemingly boundless endurance, as he filmed himself engaging in unedited 90 minute marathon love-making sessions, many of which involved multiple orgasms and surprisingly intact sequences in which a clearly exhausted Ed recorded himself struggling to get an erection mere seconds after ejaculating so that he could carry on making love.


Courting Controversy: Molestation, Drugs and More

For about a year in 1997, Ed hosted a 1 AM show for an hour on FM 92.3, interviewing ladies who frequented the various dance clubs in Los Angeles. KLSX studios (which is owned by CBS) liked what they heard and hired him for his own three hour show on Sunday mornings from midnight to 3AM. Ed Powers’ Bedtime Stories made its debut in April, 1998. The program proved an interesting mix of topical and sexually-driven conversation. Despite being a hit for over five years, the program ended it’s run in late 2002. One of the most important things to emerge from the show happened during a 2001 broadcast in which Powers, in a deeply reflective and very personal moment, admitted that when he was 5 years old, he had been molested by an older woman. This woman, whom Ed described as “a friend of the family”, got him alone in a stairwell and proceeded to perform oral sex on him. Ed reasoned that while he didn’t fully comprehend what was happening at the time, he knew that he enjoyed it and would spend the rest of his life chasing the experience. Not one to hold a grudge, Ed has jokingly referred to that moment in his life as the catalyst for his sex addiction and has even ruminated about the woman and the experience in follow-up interviews and on his now defunct blog.


“The thing of it is, she stole all my clothes and I became paranoid. I thought all girls were going to steal my clothes.”


In the late ’90s, Ed’s kindness would give way to an ugly temper which began to flare up after he began to juggling sex and shooting duties on his Debutantes series. Conflicting styles and a desire to get things right, lead to some very heated arguments between Ed and his various camera people. He explained his frustration in a November, 2001 blog post:

“I get tired of people who would shoot the video and when the man’s pop shot comes, they zoom to the penis, not even showing the girl’s reaction to it.”


In 1999, controversy surrounded Frankie Lah-ru’s first scene in “More Black Dirty Debutantes 16”, an anal scene. In an interview with Setgo.com, she described being “traumatized” by Ed. It stemmed from an incident with an inexperienced camera girl (a college student) that got a little crazy:  “He yelled at this poor camera-girl because she couldn’t get it right and she was only a student, and he made her suck his cock. “Bitch. Look. You made my dick go down. Now suck it! And get it back up!”

Ed, himself, replied to this accusation here: “I never forced a camera girl to suck my cock, ever. On the record I never forced anybody to do anything. Yes, I had a temper and dealt with that on my own and appoligized to everybody that ever got the worse end of it.”


Editor’s note: I was shocked when I read this account and I still am. I’ve watched the scene in question and at no point does Frankie give off the impression of being frightened nor do does Ed appear to be simmering with rage (as one might expect given her account). In fact, she (and Ed) appear to be having a great time which is completely contrary to what Frankie seems to be suggesting.

Around this time another rumor surfaced that Ed was a heroin addict, a claim that originated, some believe, from Mike South, another filmmaker who was feuding with Ed at the time.

Since his arrival on the scene, there were murmurings about Ed’s predilection for being a heavy pot smoker, something that he acknowledged publicly for the first time during a 2013 interview with Gene Ross’ AdultFYI. Many artists and other creatively minded people are known to indulge from time to time so it’s definitely not that shocking.

Ed also engaged in a very public feud with Max Hardcore (Paul Little), something that spilled over onto Gene Ross’ old Extreme Associates site. Ed rarely discusses his feuds, but has outright dismissed the charges that he is a heroin addict. Granted, as silly as it sounds, some believe that Ed was actually acknowledging his fondness for the drug when he posed in a photo holding a spoon filled with a milky white liquid for cover of his “Lovin’ Spoonfuls” line of compilation tapes. Was the milky white substance an inside joke? Was it a nod to heroin or was it a reference to the gallons of semen he has spilled in his various lines? Ed has deemed it preposterous. (And I agree.)


Ed has even cashed in a few V-cards in his day. No surprise. In 2003, an already over-sexed Ed seemed to reach the absolute summit of studliness when he took the virginity of an 18 year old girl on camera. The deflowering of the just-turned-18 year old virgin, Jordan Lee (Teresa Zarei), ultimately caused quite a stir in Sweden, where the young lady lived. Born to strict Iranian parents, she jetted off to LA two months after turning 18 to meet notorious womanizer Powers.

Dragmeslow, a commenter on Youtube, said it best: “The man´s a legend all right. They should also have mentioned that Ed is the only one in legal porn who has deflowered a real virgin on tape! It made a big buzz here in Sweden, because the girl was just 18, and still in high school; strictly raised to wait for mr. Right. And then as some sort of confused rebellion, she went to the States and lost it to 50 year old Gonzo Porn Master Ed Powers.”

Zarei’s desire to offer her virginity to one of the world’s greatest womanizers would become the talk of Sweden. She would garner a modest amount of fame out of it.


This encounter was included in “More Dirty Debutantes 304″. In a straight to camera address, prior to the encounter playing, Ed described the apprehension he felt about the scene. Even though she claimed to have slept with two men prior, Ed noticed that her story didn’t seem to add up. He soon realized that her hymen was still intact and that she was actually still a virgin. He went on to describe the trepidation he felt at taking the virginity of such a young girl, who was still in high school. As it goes, whatever protective inclinations Ed may have had proved no contest when confronted by his staggering sexual urges. He decided that he simply could not pass up the opportunity to make love to a virgin. Later, however, he began to have reservations about the scene, even going so far as to consider not releasing it all, citing blood and the difficulty Jordan was having with penetration, it being her first time and all. In the end, Ed concluded that it was an important and wonderful event in his and Lee’s sex lives and something that he felt he had to share with his fans. It was simply too beautiful not to share. Despite the awkwardness, and his inability to really go as deep as he would have liked, he acknowledged that inserting his cock inside a virgin pussy was a pleasure he hadn’t felt in some time. “It was such a tiny hole,” he explained, adding that he couldn’t resist ejaculating twice during the affair.


In 1993, while on a trip to Europe to shoot a Global Warming edition, Ed was interviewed by Swedish sex educator and television host Ylva Maria Thompson, for her show “Tusen Och En Natt”, which was broadcast every Saturday night as a lead-in to TV 1000’s featured hardcore adult movie. So aroused by the legendary hostess was Ed, that he actually began touching himself during the interview. Taking note of her guest’s sudden pre-occupation with his “bulge”, Thompson elected to liberate it from its fabric constraint. A seemingly shocked Ed Powers could only sit back and watch as Ylva continued to ask him questions while simultaneously rubbing off his cock in her left hand. Prior to finishing up, Ylva passed Ed a “Tusen” promo shirt which he quickly put on and then, seconds later, used as a cum-rag for his suddenly orgasming cock, much to the delight of Ylva and her horny crew.


In 1998, in “More Dirty Debutantes 82”, Taylor Cherri claimed that she was a real virgin and sought out Ed to be her first. In a future volume, Ed hinted that he doubted her claim.

Ed has also worked with five sets of twins on camera, always in the same scene. There was Tammy and Fanny in Global Warming Debutantes 29; Christina and Kelly in Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 31; Leather and Rocket in More Dirty Debutantes 88; Olga and Oxana in More Dirty Debutantes 282 and Timeo Kiss and Marianna Kiss in Global Warming Debutantes 16.

In More Dirty Debutantes 93, a pair of chubby Latin sisters, Joselle and Daisy, arrived at Ed’s door. Ed made love to both of them, producing two separate cumshots, while each sister sat in the room and watched the other.


18 year old girls would become a fixture in Ed’s various lines. By the time he reached his late forties, Ed began to actively search out girls between the ages of 18 and 19, to appear with him – openly flaunting his ephebophiliac tendencies. For this, he would earn the tag of “dirty old man” something that he would wear like a badge of honour. Going further, Ed would often refer to himself as a “bad boy.”  Typically, however, his young lovers were happy to correct him, insisting that he was a “very good boy.”


This isn’t to say that the older gals didn’t have a shot with Ed. Not at all. Lots of seasoned beauties have spent time getting sweaty in his bed over the years.


Private Side of A Public Man

Ed Powers set up an online journal in late 2000 on behalf of his numerous fans, where he often consulted with them about everything from who he was dating to how he was feeling on a particular day.

Through this blog Ed revealed a personal side of himself, something only hinted at in his on-screen persona. Things not known about Ed that can be gleamed from his blog: He is an intellectual who enjoys travelling, spending time with friends and is a big proponent of the the arts; specifically writing poetry (goddamn good poetry!), listening to music (mostly orchestral, although it varies) and collecting art.


Known for his quick wit, substantial social skills and his willingness to take a stand on behalf of industry performers, Ed is widely considered to be one of the most beloved men in the adult film industry.

In 2003, at an Erotica L.A. event, Ed spoke to a crowd of bemused industry folks about certain ‘Rogue’ elements who were threatening the health of industry. Many believed that he was addressing the rumors that JM Productions were attempting to coerce female performers into having on-camera sex with untested strangers. While it remains a rumor, and many attendees scoffed, others sat up and took notice. Adult Video News even ran a feature story about it in their 2003 October issue.


Interestingly, Ed chooses to keep his pre-porn life private, speaking of his ex-wife, past girlfriends and children only on a few chosen occasions, and only sparingly at that.

“There’s a whole of past of people who caught up with my present. I’ve never mentioned this before but I was married once, like 30 something years ago, and she’s al-right with it. People who knew me in the past when I wasn’t Ed, are cool with it.”

His children, rumored now to be in their early 20s (and teens), are older than the majority of the women Ed beds from day to day. He has stated in interviews that while he has absolutely no regrets, he does wish he had thought of his children more before entering the business, as he believes that the family unit is one of the most important things there is.


In 2003, rumors surfaced on rec.arts.movies.erotica via author/journalist Luke Ford, that Ed had actually impregnated some of his early Debutantes all of which was captured on video. Again, this has never been proven true but it did cause a ruckus on the various message boards as folks fumbled around desperate to figure out which volumes.

Ed countered by saying, simply, “I always pay my child support.”


In 2011, I had the pleasure of personally chatting with one of Ed’s children, a daughter, for roughly four hours.

Not unlike her father, she is smart, funny, grounded and blessed with an absolutely fearless, take-no-shit personality that commands your respect. Heavily tattooed (including several on her face), she, a stunningly-gorgeous 19 year old from Brooklyn, related to me why her father insists on privacy regarding matters of his children and how he fears they will follow in his footsteps: “My parents don’t like it [the business] being discussed. They dont want people knowing he has a daughter because they think I would get into that industry which I already know I don’t want to do.” Pausing, she added, “Of course the porn industry isn’t where I would like to go but dancing / modeling sounds good. I would do Playboy which he knows and I would love to be in music videos.” As the conversation progressed, I was struck by how genuinely proud she was of her father and how deeply defensive she was of him especially in regards to certain internet trolls.

When the topic of Ed’s career was brought up (and how she avoids it), her response was terse and to the point: “He wouldn’t be happy with me going on his website.” In a bizarre moment, her father’s “More Dirty Debutantes” series entered the conversation (no, I’m not kidding) and whether or not he had worked with a certain actress (who shall go unnamed). In a moment of pure surrealism, she actually got him on the phone, looking for an answer to the nagging “did you work with this chick?” question. He didn’t recognize the actress and, hilariously, told her to look it up on the web. She did. And, yeah, they had worked together. A little bit later, Ed got back to her about the actress; that he did remember her. (My head still swims). Before parting, Ed’s dog, whom I vaguely remembered bounding into some of his shots, was mentioned. When its name escaped me, she chirped up with the answer: “Jordan.” After correcting me on its color (more grey than black), she added, “He was very important to my Dad.” With her wedding just around the corner, she asked me not to divulge either her name or her website for fear it might draw the unwanted attention of “the pervs” (her words). It’s too bad, as she is far and away one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever talked to.


The Pursuit of Pleasure: On Making Love and Sexual Preference

The early 2000’s saw Ed indulging in a new fetish, making love to girls while their significant others (usually husbands) watched, something he steered away from for many years after being assaulted by a former Deb (Nadine Casabianca) and her boyfriend at his home.

“It adds another dimension when a boyfriend watches his girlfriend have sex with a stranger for the first time in their relationship,” Ed said.


Sometimes jealous girlfriends got in on the act as evidenced in “Global Warming Debutantes 12” when Hungarian Ursula threw Ed a grudge fuck after discovering that he had bedded her girlfriend, Michelle, the day before. “Her girlfriend Ursula was upset that Michelle did me, so she came over,” Ed said.

A true exhibitionist, Ed also prefers that when he is shooting with women that require a translator, he typically has the translator stay and watch the sex. “I try to get the translator to stay during the sex. I think that’s hot!”

An absolute connoisseur of anal sex, Ed (briefly nick-named Buttman) has sodomized upwards of 600 different women in his various lines. He has even made it part of the Debutantes ritual. Since about the early 1990s, after the interview portion is complete, Ed then proceeds to have his female co-stars undress and place their hind quarters in the air whereupon he glides over onto the bed and spends a couple of minutes inhaling and licking the anus of said female co-stars. His devotion to the act, has lead him into some sticky situations over the years. In “More Dirty Debutantes 3” Ed consented to himself being sodomized with a strap-on by Heather Lere. As it turned out, Lere, 18, would only agree to being anally deflowered by Ed if he was willing to take it in the behind from a strap-on. He agreed.


“She had a great face, great tits, a lot of enthusiasm — all the potential to be a great-great star, and 18-years-old, fresh! I liked her ass. I wanted to fuck her in the ass. I decided to go for it! I had already shot a regular scene with her — but I wanted, I wanted her butt…”

Following the scene, in which Ed appeared to be in a great deal of pain, he would take Heather’s anal cherry, ejaculating three times during the session. A few years later, Brooke Campbell, 19, offered Ed a similar arrangement while shooting “Dirty Dirty Debutantes 1”. Sadly Campbell got cold feet and opted out of performing anal intercouse. To make up for it, she permitted Ed the pleasure of ejaculating inside of her.


Ed Powers is one of the most critically acclaimed filmmakers in the business, with his films being nominated for awards almost on a yearly basis. He has been inducted into the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame, and in 2001 he was awarded the Reuben Sturman Award, an award that honours special achievement in the adult industry. On a lesser front, Ed also received an award from MM&A and Video Xcitement Magazine in 1991 for, quote: His sexual prowess.


In 1997, Ed flexed his creative muscles by writing and directing two feature length movies, “Colors of Passion 1” and “2”. Ed cast himself in the role of a cigar-smoking Angel sent to advise a heartbroken artist (Jan Hedin) after he has committed suicide.  Working as both a love letter to Hungary, where it was filmed, and as a belvedere for which Ed could wax intellectual about life and art, “Colors of Passion” is unlike anything produced in porn before or since. In their glowing four star review, Adult Video News described Ed’s two-part epic as “hallucinogenic” and “extravagant” and noted that the sex scenes (a whopping 17)  “tabulate faster than pledges in the last hour of a Jerry Lewis telethon.”

Ed discussed the film on his radio show, specifically talking of a sex scene that he filmed outside in freezing temperatures. “I’ve had sex in cold weather – very freezing weather, also, where the only warm spot is the pussy. It’s a very hot spot when you’re cold around you. When you’re in the cold. Yup, I did that in Colors of Passion. It was made in Sweden, Italy, Copehagen and the United States. It’s not amateur. It’s like a European movie… with me as the star having sex near the Coliseum in Rome in such exotic locations. It’s such a beautiful movie.”

To date, Ed has produced, directed and starred in over 800 films, and in that time managed to hop into the sack with virtually every leading actress to have worked in the industry since 1989 – well into the neighbourhood of 2000 (the IAFD currently lists 1,788 sex partners for Ed, however, it’s far from an exact number as his actual scene credits are severely lacking). Considering that these are some of the most fantasized about and lusted after women in the world, his fanbase grew legions.


On a January, 2001 posting on his now-defunct blog (part of his old equally defunct website), Ed begrudgingly admitted that his number of sex partners was over 10,000 and that at one time he was attempting to keep track.

“The question has come up about the women I have been with. Do I count the women I have worked as well as privately been with? Combined the number is embarrassing. I have been with more than 10,000 women.” Ed added that in 2000 alone he had beaded down with “close to 1,200 women” on camera and in his private life “maybe 50.”


In a 2001 article for Adult Video News, Gene Ross claimed that Ed was an “incessant swinger” in his life outside of porn.

Ed claims that his personal best was sleeping with 150 women in one month. “A lot of threeways,” he noted in his June, 2001 blog entry.

In a July, 2011 blog post, Ed acknowledged that he had once slept with 14 women at once.


In a 2003 scene with Lina Ray, for “Dirtier Debutantes 9”, Ray acknowledged to Ed that she was a sex addict. He replied, tellingly, “You and me both, baby.”

Indeed, he was a sex addict, and he embraced it. Taking into account his sheer volume of encounters, the more he got, the more he seemed to want.

“I’m like an animal,” Ed once pronounced.


In “More Dirty Debutantes 238”, actress Madison Sinns scolded Ed when he referred to himself as a pervert. “It’s your job,” she explained. “You can’t help yourself.” Indeed, Ed certainly wasn’t doing himself any favours… or was he? By casting himself as the only stud in his various lines, meant a rigorous work schedule, one that placed him in the envious position of having to engage in sex with as many women as possible as often as possible, as evidenced by his tally of lovers. Under the weather? Not feeling horny today? Not attracted to the woman? The gal is high on something? None of it mattered. Ed was obligated to make love to them – and make love to them he did! The pleasure of his own orgasm, being his sole reward, well, aside from the obvious artistic and monetary ones. A true modern day Casanova.


Ed was doing so much fucking that it prompted one AVN.com reviewer to wonder why his “pecker hadn’t pickled.”

Few stories best sum up Ed’s promiscuousness like the one Ed himself related to Vanilla Skye in “More Dirty Debutantes 302”. While interviewing Skye, Ed decided to talk about a recent shoot in which he made love to a girl while her boyfriend watched. After the scene, according to Ed, the girl’s boyfriend walked up and whispered into his ear, “Mom says hi.” Surprised, Ed prodded the young man to explain himself. As it turned out, Ed and the guy’s mother had been intimate on camera some 15 years earlier.


Even mothers and daughters got to indulge.

In 1989, a very youthful-looking Ed Powers bedded down with tattooed beauty Angela D’Angelo for a scene that was included in “Loads of Fun 3”. 14 years later, in 2003, Ice La Fox, Angela’s then 18 year old daughter, would follow her mom’s lead by getting hot and sweaty with ol’ Ed. Powers included their tryst in volume “191” of “More Dirty Debutantes”. Strangely enough, that wasn’t the first time Ed had tangled with a mother/daughter pair. In “More Dirty Debutantes 70” Ed made love to Kitana Steele while her daughter, Charlie, sat in the same room.


A similar thing happened when Ed booked 19 year old Mariah Milano for “More Dirty Debutantes 91”. She was so impressed that she referred her own mother. She waited in another other room as her mother, Elizabeth (Dawn), and Ed got intimate. After climaxing, Ed decided that he wanted some of Mariah too. Their scorchingly erotic scene, which began with Mariah gushing to Ed that she thought he was “very cute” and ended with her giving up her ass cherry to the seasoned stud, transpired while her exhausted mother waited in the next room. Ed opted to include the two scenes in  “More Dirty Debutantes 96”.


When not satisfying his urges with thousands of women, Ed also indulged in phone sex games: “I used to be into Phone Sex, very deeply, 976 numbers! I used to leave my number on a bulletin board where women can call back, and I used to have three-or-four women call a night,” he told Dirk Calhoun, adding that he liked to jack off during the calls. “I would listen and it would really-really turn me on. I would get hard.”


Ed even made love to an inflatable doll vaginally and anally on film once when a model wouldn’t give it up to him.  “I liked the way she looked, and she’d do nudity, so I wanted to shoot her. And she wanted to see me fuck the doll.  When I pulled out my dick and was ready to cum — I didn’t cum all over the doll. The model’s head is right next to the doll’s pussy! So I came all over the model’s face! I shot all over her nose and eyes and mouth, with the cum dripping down her cheeks and jaw and lips.”

In a June, 2001 blog, Ed acknowledged his fondness for dancers and strippers.


“I like the dancers. That’s got to be everyman’s fantasy right there. Especially when I share their first time on camera. It’s an honour to me for being the first to share the on camera debut and moment.”


“I concentrated on finding girls that were quite unique, in my opinion, not girls looking for a career in the business, which is what a lot of the old school Debutante thinking liked. There were girls who would come in and do a movie or two and not worry about being a professional,” Ed told Gene Ross, adding, “Don’t get me wrong, I love the girls who are professionals in the industry today. I love the dancers who are out there dancing. I wish I could sleep with all of them.”

“Variety is the spice of life,” he once famously said. Even after all he’s done, and the fact that his conquests include some of the most beautiful and lusted after women in the world, he still finds the idea of meeting new women and seeing how far it will progress, to be something deeply gratifying.


“It is still very exciting to me to meet someone new. I never know what is going to happen between us. Of course I know there is sex but I never know the extent of the compatibility. Will our personality’s blend? Will the age difference become a gap? When all things come together..lol, no pun intended. It is a wonderful thing and a wonderful moment and there have been many, It’s a blessing…”

Incredibly, Ed’s popularity only seems to have increased as his years advanced; balding, gray-bearded, and with many noticeable wrinkles, he is still considered to be one of porn’s sexiest leading men by his legion of male and female admirers.


Ed ranked #26 in AVN’s Top 50 Porn Stars of All Time.

Ed discussed his appeal in a May, 2010 blog post:

“I have been described by many as ugly and other things resembling that and on the other hand I have been described as having presence and charm and a gift for gab. So I gather that some people may think that the other attributes may make up for the lack of looks therefore creating an attraction. How many times have you noticed gorgeous super model types with guys that some may describe as ugly or not having great looks? I guess the super model type is attracted to the man for some reason. I think these so called ugly guys and maybe even me, aren’t ugly at all but the perception and comparison to high standards may make the judgment cloudy. There are times I used to feel not so attractive and yet other times I felt highly attractive and it did raise my confidence level. When I felt I looked good, I knew I looked good. I know it now and no one can take that away from me.”


“Many people believe in pheromones, I do. I believe in a certain scent, musk or pheromones so to speak. But all in all the confidence level makes a big difference in the spectrum of attraction.”

In a 2003 article for Setgo.com, veteran actress Noname Jane (formerly Violet Blue) lamented the new generation of porn studs, their dependence on Viagra and their lack of interest in the opposite sex. She cited Ed Powers, specifically, as an example of a “real man” and added: “I would much rather work with a seasoned performer who doesn’t have to take Viagra. I know Ed Powers [isn’t] dependant on viagra to work.”


Part of what makes Ed such a great lover is his desire to put the woman’s pleasure before his own. In “Dirty Dirty Debutantes 1”, while anally deflowering  Taboo, Ed found himself unable to hold back and ended up showering her with ejaculate. It was his second orgasm of the scene and he was exhausted. Frustrated and embarrassed, Ed apologized profusely to the young woman. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold back,” he groaned, to which Bonita, his camera-girl and on again/off again girlfriend, chided him: “Oh, why should you?” Taboo agreed, reminding him that sex should be pleasurable for both parties.


Shawndelle, a 20 year-old, who appeared in volume 3 of Ed’s all-anal series, “New Ends”, referred to her first (and only) scene with Ed as “hot, romantic, the most exciting time of my life.”

Actress Nicole Dimarco was so smitten with Ed that while shooting “More Dirty Debutantes 251” she couldn’t help herself, telling him,  “You know, you’re better looking than I thought you’d be.”



Beating Diabetes and Getting Back To Good Health

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and in early 2007, Ed completed volume 369 of his hugely popular “More Dirty Debutantes” series and then quietly bowed out of the business. It would take AVN nearly two months to realize that Ed had fallen off the radar. Rumors of his demise began to surface.

In a March 2007 post on his brand new blog, Ed re-emerged and discussed his reasons for leaving the industry:

“Of course you many have noticed that body wise I have been getting bigger and bigger. I am working on that adjustment. I don’t want to pant and struggle through what should be enjoyable and a pleasant release. The bottom line is I am rejuvenating in a bath of Love and responsibilities. I shall return when the time is right.” He added, “I was type 2 diabetic, starting to lose my eye sight and having terrible acid reflux.”


He also talked to AVN.com about his decision: “Since I started my trek back in late 1988 with the shootings of the legendary video series “Bus Stop Tales”, and then “Dirty Debutantes” in 1990, I really never took a break. I’ve always been shooting, no matter where I was and where I traveled. Thousands of women later, I am still the same, still having a great time.”

“I’ve gotten to learn my business better and through looking into things have gotten a greater picture of what has happened inside and out with my business. Kenia {Ed’s business partner and closest friend] and I are now in full control. My fans are great and patiently awaiting something new. I can’t say when something new will hit the streets, but that day will come again. I have tried some new things but wasn’t happy with the outcome so now I am concentrating on the break. A better Ed will come your way in due time.”


In 2009, he re-emerged yet again, this time a changed man. After getting his weight under control with a rigid workout/diet regiment, Ed announced that he would begin shooting again. True to his word, in the summer of ’09, after going from 294 to 152 pounds in 11 months, a buff Ed began shooting his first feature in two years, calling it “The Making of A Comeback”, as well, he began producing a ton of new content for his revamped website. He also co-starred in a sexual reality show ” Sex With the Stars” with Kagney Lynn Carter.

For sure, the legend was back and looking better than ever.

Looking at the man he was and looking at the new lean, mean version, it’s truly an inspirational story and more proof that Ed is capable of anything.


Ed’s improved health is the only thing that matters. It’s the only thing that will ever matter, truly.


Ed Powers, the Hopeless Romantic

Moving on to less weighty fare (no pun), it’s interesting to note that Ed finds it hard to separate his private sex life from his sex life in front of the camera as revealed in a May, 2000 blog post:

Of having sex privately, he lamented, “I sometimes wish I could turn the camera on when the moments get really intense. I always enjoy the moments I share on video with my fans. But I must say, without the bright lights, the camera in our faces and the feeling that I am working, it becomes a special memory and I moment I keep in a different way. What I am saying is that I don’t put my entire sex life on tape. I bet some of you thought I did.”


Ironically, given his very public spats with his camera people, it’s surprising to learn that Ed has been linked romantically with many of his camera-girls including Anisa, Kari Dee and Cherry Rain. In the 1970’s Ed was engaged to a Cuban-Jewish woman. He has also been married and divorced at least once. In 1996, Ed fell head over heels for a woman and seriously considered leaving the business and marrying her. Some have speculated that woman was none other than Ed’s long time camera girl and sometime girlfriend, Bonita. Starting out as a Deb way back in 1993, in volume 24 of the series, Bonita and Ed began dating a year later and it lasted until 1997. Even after the break-up, she remained a constant presence in his videos, mainly behind the scenes, working camera or doing stills. Sadly, they would part ways professionally in 2004.

A bit of a hopeless romantic, Ed continues to churn out beautiful quixotic poetry almost daily on his blog. From reading his poetry, one could reason that his never-ending sexual encounters, sharing himself intimately with so many strangers, is really an extension of his desire to find that one special person.

“That’s one frustration I have and that is after the girls leave, I feel empty. If you know what I mean? My contact with them is very personal and just when it gets to be a bit more than sexual, it’s time to say goodbye,” Ed wrote in an April, 2000 blog.


Granted, experience and time seem to have afforded him a new perspective on life, sex, women and love.

“One thing I know or feel more than anything. I believe that every man has a woman out there for him not matter what the question at hand may be…”

The three year absence from the strain of constantly producing content finally seems to have helped Ed recognize those qualities he looks for in a lover.


“Sex is best for me when I am attracted to the person both mentally and physically. I actually feel tingling in certain areas on a physical level. I start thinking of what Id like to do sexually… Put them both together and I have a nice sexual activity full of thoughts and feel good sensations.” He added, “Being a little careless… I jumped in bed with quite a lot of the wrong people.” A rare acknowledgment that his promiscuous lifestyle had lead him to sleep with women he might not ever want to associate in any kind of real world setting i.e. women with criminal pasts, drug habits and/or clear and obvious mental illness etc. In another post, he further confirmed this: ”I have learned that in life it is not the quantity.”


“My reality can be other people’s fantasy yet I live the life of lots of free sex and sexy women. Been to far reaching places around the globe because of my career. I’m sorry if it sounds like a brag for I am forever humble and appreciative of it all.”

“I’m in a different world than most people. Say for example I meet someone and they’re attracted to me and I’m attracted to them but they’re not into what I do for a living so that is something that would pop up. There are people right away that I can see without even mentioning my career or my history so… That doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna… that I haven’t had relationships that you can in this business, easy. There’s quite a few girls who like a mentor or who can like offer them some experience, information, stuff like that. Help them in their career and support them. That’s something I can do.”

Of getting back into the swing of things regarding content for his website, and getting new prospective women back into his bed, Ed said on his blog,

“I am awaiting word for The New Dirty Debutantes entering the biz and will be right on the spot to greet them, to share with you on media that is.”

“I want it to be a steady stream.”


And apparently it has been. Maybe not as picky as he’d like to let on. In this 2014 interview conducted at AEE, Ed was asked what women he finds attractive. “All of them!” came his reply. He added,

“I’ve never turned a woman down.”


Squashing Rumors And Plans For the Future

In 2008, during his extended hiatus, Ed began work on a never completed book about the adult film industry titled Naked. Ed would also direct an accompanying documentary film, also called NAKED, which was produced by photographer Justin Lubin.  The film featured bisexual stud, Wolf Hudson, and female-to-male transgender sensation, Buck Angel, engaging in sex. Elements of the documentary appeared in “Buck Angel’s Ultimate Fucking Club 2: Tattooed And Screwed”.


Following the shoot, Buck and Ed remained close friends.

In 2012, a rumor surfaced that Ed Powers was, get this, “bisexual, with a very slight preference men.” This quote was attributed to his never finished book, Naked. It appeared on numerous websites including on Ed’s Wikipedia page, ENotes and at least two other sites.


Editor’s Note: When I read this quote that Ed was bisexual, my jaw hit the floor. I had never gotten that impression, so this information came as a shock to me. Upon attempting to fact check it, I discovered that a number of sites were saying the same thing, that Ed Powers was bisexual. Granted, the sites in question were mostly user contributed (ie not always reliable), but I assumed that it was just so outrageous and so utterly random that, maybe, possibly, somebody had gotten an early rough draft of Naked and that quote was in there, like some big revelation.

Ed took the time to clear up the rumor once and for all.

“I am not bisexual and never said I was. I did say a joke once or twice in my videos but it’s not original, ” I am buysexual, when I want sex I buy it….” But the fact stands I am not into men, I respect the gay community but alas I am not gay or bisexual…”


That said, Ed still has a decent following in the gay community. Oldmanporn.com, a site that caters to older men getting it one with young women, rejoiced at his return, noting that “You’ve just got to watch the videos to see how perverted he is.” When asked by Dirk Calhoun to comment on his gay fan base, Ed was his usual modest self, replying, “I am not ashamed of what I do. And if a man who is gay finds it attractive, I’m very appreciative of their adulation.”

With over 4,000 scenes produced, Ed has certainly given his male and female fans a lot to work with. And continues to do so.


Over the years, everything from random escorts to full-fledged doctors and lawyers have crawled into Ed’s bed but some of the more famous ones include Marilyn Star, a Canadian who made headlines when she was charged for insider trading using merger information supplied to her by investment banker, James McDermott; Jamie Foxxworth, celebrity star of Family Matters and Celebrity Rehab; Bethany Benz aka Caviar, star of the VHI reality show For the Love of Ray J; Brittany Cat, a champion heavy-weight lifter; and Canadian bodybuilding champion, Rhonda Lee. (His scene with Ariana Jollee remains a personal favorite, something Ed has trouble remembering, apparently.)

As if defining his influence on popular culture, Ed Powers (and his legendary sexual prowess) was cited by Kid Rock in his song Classic Rock who likened him to a modern day Casanova.


There was even a US-based minor league baseball team named after him, the be-speckled stud’s image emblazoned across the team’s jerseys as well as an American rock band which continues to tour on the indie circuit.

Powers, a huge wrestling fan, appeared in the California-based indie wrestling promotion, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, to support grapplers Top Gun Talwar and Hook Bomberry.

In 2009, Powers appeared in the film “Crank 2: High Voltage” in a bit part at the request of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who were fans of his work.



In 2011, Ed launched “Next Dirty Debutantes: Nasty Amateurs” a pay-per-view special featuring Ed bedding down with a Deb, re-enacting an old “Bus Stop Tale” episode, and his favorite thing, taking a new male under his wing and having them join him in a threeway with a lucky lady. The first episode aired on February 10th, 2011.

Viewable only on his website, Ed can be seen getting hot and sweaty with a whole host of young ladies including Lexi Swallow, Rebecca Blue, Emma Mae, Izybella Blu, Amanda Bryant, Bianca Evans, Kasey Chase, Kylie Anne, Ivy Winters, Haylee Heart, Kody Kay, Kendra Star, Krissy Sparks, D’siree Hill, Nataia Eshwaria, Kimber Rayne, Scarlet, Raven, Vickey Chase, Katie Jordan,  Bethany Benz, Brooke Lee Adams, Bailey Blue and many others. Ed claims to have produced over 50 scenes since returning.

Since his return, Ed has noted a change in the girls coming into the business. He noted these observations on his Facebook Page: “I can relate to those movies where people are awaken or unfrozen and end up in the future. I was out of the forefront of the biz for about six years. When I left the trend was getting towards rough sex, verbal abuse with throat gagging and so on. I thought… “My, what is this porn going to produce for society?..” Well, I had thought a lot of girls were going to be put off by what the guys would be picking up from all that kind of porn. Instead, I have awoken after a deep freeze to find that 18, 19 and 20 – 21 year old girls have watched that porn and that’s the porn they know. Of course not all but a good percentage coming into the biz. It’s a world where girls like being called, whores and sluts, enjoy throat gagging and the kinky dirty old men. All this in the bedroom, once the camera is on, the sex gets going it’s full throttle and peddle to the metal…. It seems to tap the dark side and is even hotter if both parties can be trusted to do no harm but reach the goal of excitement and maybe multiple orgasm.”

He has also evolved on tattoos and piercings: “Before my frozen absence I saw it hard to avoid Tattoos and Piercings. I am hearing more and more of girls losing and not getting work due to their tattoos. I thought then it was very hard to avoid but certain producers are only looking for the clean skinned girls and maybe make a few exceptions for the exceptional girl. I tend to shoot the girls with tattoos thee days and not focus on the tats but on the girl, her heart and soul and her enthusiasm. ”


As of now, Ed remains very busy, heading out to the gym daily, travelling, reading, listening to music, updating his website, commenting on his blog and answering questions from his multitude of fans. He’s also writing some damn good, deeply-reflective poetry, which I absolutely love and look forward to. (I like them so much, in fact, that I decided to archive them. Follow this link for a complete listing of his poems.)


Since 2012, Ed has vowed to release “More Dirty Debutantes 370” on the web in 2012 and isn’t ruling out a return to DVD in the future.

Ed has not released any of his new scenes via VOD, something that he absolutely should be doing.

Editor’s Note: Since penning this article, Ed has begun releasing his latest “More Dirty Debutantes” scenes via HotMovies.com. Re-branded as “All New Dirty Debutantes” , Ed appears to be releasing at least one volume a month.


“I am thinking about maybe doing a distribution deal with one of the leader companies out there ( at least talk about it ) and as a matter of fact it was brought up briefly. One big store owner on the East Coast and a very nice guy was real serious about my return to DVD. He said I am one of the most requested. I might surprise him after all.”

In May, 2013, Ed announced that “All New Dirty Debutantes” would be released on DVD in the coming months, as well, he announced that 4-Play video would be making a comeback.

On April 25, 2013, Ed co-hosted the 2013 XRCO Awards with Misty Stone.


Ed has also pledged to beef up with more muscle in the coming year, adding his new ripped, thick-with-muscle, frame and awesome six pack abs. “I am about gaining strength, muscle and not obsessing about my BMI chart.”

“Most can not get over how good I look. I must admit I do look pretty damn fucking good these days!”

On December 12th, 2008, on his personal blog, Ed Powers listed the ten women he’s most enjoyed making love to over the past twenty years. They include;

1. Sunrise Adams
2. Sunset Thomas
3. Briana Banks
4. Tabatha Cash
5. Teri Weigel
6. Alicia Rio
7. Julia Bond
8. Layla Star
9. Katie Morgan
10. Shelby Belle

In a November 24, 2012 blog-post, Ed commented that he believed that Italian film and tv star, Sylvia Koscina, was, “Classy and gorgeous. [The] hottest actress in the real world.”


1996 AVN Award – ‘Reuben Sturman Memorial Award’ for Ed Powers.
1998 XRCO Award – ‘XRCO Hall of Fame’
2001 AVN Award – ‘Reuben Sturman Memorial Award’ for Ed Powers Productions.
2003 AVN Award – ‘Best Pro-Am or Amateur Series’ for The Real Naturals by Ed Powers Productions

In September 2013, Ed co-hosted an internet talk show with Hyapatia Lee for xxxpornstarradio. Lee left after only one show to pursue a stand-up comedy career. She was eventually replaced by former debutante, Kaylynn. Due to her own hectic work schedule, Kaylynn was forced to leave the show in the summer of 2014. Recently another former debutante, Kiki D’aire, took over co-hosting duties with Ed. Regular callers to the show include Chip Vegas, Mr. Mandingo and Athena Starr. Topics discussed include topical news stories, popular culture and the adult film industry. Ed also occasionally reflects on his experiences in the business. The show broadcasts live every Tuesday night.

Ed also writes occasionally for All Pleasure Magazine.

To learn more about Ed, you can find him mentioned (sometimes unfavorably) in these books.

“The Porning of America: The Rise of Porn Culture, what it Means, and where” By Carmine Sarracino
“Porn Studies” edited by Linda Williams
“Bad: Infamy, Darkness, Evil, and Slime on Screen” edited by Murray Pomerance
“The Hypersexuality of Race: Performing Asian/American Women on Screen and Scene” By Celine Parreñas Shimizu
“The End of Cinema as We Know it: American Film in the Nineties” edited by Jon Lewis
“The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure” edited by Tristan Taormino, Constance Penley, Celine Shimizu, Mireille Miller-Young
“Prisoner of X: 20 Years in the Hole at Hustler Magazine” By Allan MacDonell
“The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History (Selections)” By E.M. Jones
“Fly Fishing with Darth Vader: And Other Adventures with Evangelical Wrestlers, Political Hitmen, and Jewish Cowboys” By Matt Labash
“A History of X” by Luke Ford

Ed was also quoted in the book ‘Why We Rule! 101 Great Reasons To Love Our Country’ by Rob Cohen, David Wollock

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  1. Gravy
    05 Nov 2011, 4:49 am

    Ed Powers is a living legend and has satisfied almost every girl he has made love to (Adriana Sage not sure about her?) He has been with almost every big name in the biz, it’s just a shame Ed never had the oppurtunity to make love to the sensational Serenity. She was once in an orgy scene with Ed, and when I rented the film I was thinking, this is it! Ed is about to slide his small penis into Serenity, but he never touched her. If Serenity ever makes a comeback as a MILF I hope Ed will work with her, in the shape Ed is in now he will bring the Serenster to orgasm, guarenteed.

    • JLB-Videotramp
      02 Feb 2015, 6:19 am

      Ed actually filmed a scene with Serenity but he did not penetrate her. It was shot for Up and Cummers but Ed didn’t include it. He added it to Wacky World of Ed Powers instead. Ed is in a room surrounded by girls, including Deborah Wells, Felecia, Isis Nile, Keisha Lynn, Serenity, Tabatha Cash, Tricia Yen and Trisha Diamond. He’s frantically jerking off (can’t blame him, really) and then the girls take turns stroking his cock until he erupts like a fire hydrant. Sadly, Serenity never took a turn. She just cheered him on. Still a great scene, nonetheless.

      Here’s some caps:

  2. Ed Powers
    02 Jul 2012, 3:14 pm

    The real Ed Powers here… Great article, I must say but there are quite a few inaccuracys. One big one was The Late Jamie Gillis’s interpretation of the begnning of our relationship and his part of the Dirty Debutantes. Miost of which I will eventually resolve in a book of my own. One thing, clearly, I was working on Bus Stop Tales in 1988, that was before On The Prowl. I was shooting the Debutantes when I found out he was trying to copy me with Duck Dumont who later admited that in court, as Jamie did take me to court and lost the case. Mr. Dumont had no intentions to copy me when he discovered that, he broke ties with that project with Jamie. I bought the scene from them. and he beganThe Prowl, eventually I hired Jamie as an independent contracter to play the other Nasty Brother, this was proved in court as well.. Indeed I did acknowledge Jamie, may he rest in peace, in the Bus Stop Tales and that was edited in afterwards to help him promote On The Prowl which I did in other ways at the time and I highly respected him and givng him a a little credit at the time was my gift to him as a good friend. Another innacuracy is that I never forced a camera girl to suck my cock, ever. On the record I never forced anybody to do anything. Yes, I had a temper and dealt with that on my own and appoligized to everybody that ever got the worse end of it. Another big accuracy is that I am not bisexual and never said I was. I did say a joke once or twice in my videos but it’s not original, ” I am buysexual, when I want sex I buy it….” But the fact stands I am not into men, I respect the gay community but alas I am not gay or bisexeual… I’d love to stay and chat but I have to prepare for the release of Volume 370 of The All New Dirty Debutantes, my first Debutante release in 6 years… Other than the things I just menttion for the most part except for a few things, the article is pretty extensive and well written. maybe I’ll come back again a nit pick on some other points lol. Thank you for taking the time and for all the kind words… I am still writing poetry on facebook, the realedpowers@facebook.com. Ciao for now, Love, Ed Powers

    • JLB-Videotramp
      10 Jul 2012, 5:16 pm

      Sorry for not replying sooner, but checking the inbox and finding an e-mail from the legend himself left me gobsmacked. I wanted to wait until I had the time to write something.

      >The real Ed Powers here… Great article

      Um… thanks! First off, holy shit! What an honour this. I liken it to a boxing fan getting an e-mail from Muhammad Ali or a Star Wars fan getting an e-mail from George Lucas. Just an honour.

      >I must say but there are quite a few inaccuracys.

      When I wrote this, I was weeding through 20 years of articles, interviews, web-posts and internet chatter pertaining to you and your career, as well as, various insights from your old and your new blog and your extensive filmography. Some of the more web-based sources were dubious at best and I probably should have done a better job of filtering them out. When you are a legendary figure, you tend to make a lot of people jealous. I tried to disregard the really negative/ugly stuff.

      >One big one was The Late Jamie Gillis’s interpretation of the beginning of our relationship and his part of the Dirty Debutantes. Miost of which I will eventually resolve in a book of my own. One thing, clearly, I was working on Bus Stop Tales in 1988, that was before On The Prowl. I was shooting the Debutantes when I found out he was trying to copy me with Duck Dumont who later admitted that in court, as Jamie did take me to court and lost the case. Mr. Dumont had no intentions to copy me when he discovered that, he broke ties with that project with Jamie. I bought the scene from them. and he beganThe Prowl, eventually I hired Jamie as an independent contracter to play the other Nasty Brother, this was proved in court as well.. Indeed I did acknowledge Jamie, may he rest in peace, in the Bus Stop Tales and that was edited in afterwards to help him promote On The Prowl which I did in other ways at the time and I highly respected him and giving him a little credit at the time was my gift to him as a good friend.

      I began following your career after you started your Debutante series and wasn’t entirely sure of the chronology of events as it pertained to the On The Prowl series and Bus Stop Tales. I had always assumed that On The Prowl came before Bus Stop Tales but I wasn’t sure.

      I had actually consulted this 2010 article when I penned that portion of the bio.


      >Another innacuracy is that I never forced a camera girl to suck my cock, ever. On the record I never forced anybody to do anything.

      This came from an interview that Frankie Lah-ru did with Luke Ford’s now defunct website setgo.com. That was her exact quote.

      To be honest, this floored me when I read it. I have never read of you forcing any woman to do anything, in fact, I’ve collected scores of comments from various girls over the years who enjoyed working with you, who said that you were laid back, a funny guy, you paid handsomely etc. but never anything like this.

      Of course, I’ve watched the scene in question and at no point does Frankie give off the impression of being frightened nor do you appear to be simmering with rage (as one might expect given her account). In fact, she (and you) appear to be having a great time which is completely contrary to what Frankie seems to be suggesting.

      >Yes, I had a temper and dealt with that on my own and apologized to everybody that ever got the worse end of it.

      LOL! I’ve seen the majority of your films and you have always struck me as a professional and a bit of a perfectionist; a person who likes things done a certain way. You get frustrated and flustered on camera at points but, from what I can tell, you’re far from David O. Russell throwing tirades or anything. Given your hectic work schedule and the sheer volume of personalities you dealt with on a daily basis, a person is bound to get frustrated at times. You have nothing to apologize for.

      >Another big accuracy is that I am not bisexual and never said I was. I did say a joke once or twice in my videos but it’s not original, ” I am buysexual, when I want sex I buy it….” But the fact stands I am not into men, I respect the gay community but alas I am not gay or bisexeual…

      Okay this was one of those ones that I should have filtered. I had attempted to fact check this and came away with a half dozen online references all saying that same thing, that your were bisexual. This rumour appeared on countless websites including your own Wikipedia page, and it was always attributed to this book, Naked, that you had supposedly written. I found this odd given that in one of your blog posts, you claimed to have never officially finished writing it, so I assumed that somebody close to you had access to a leaked early copy and that this one of the book’s revelations.

      I went back and forth on whether or not to mention it but, I figured that if the rumour was true, it was kind of earth shattering.

      >I’d love to stay and chat but I have to prepare for the release of Volume 370 of The All New Dirty Debutantes, my first Debutante release in 6 years…

      The landscape has always felt a little different since you went away. Your return to better health and web work was inspiring and I’m so excited to see that you are returning to your old Debutantes stomping grounds. The passion and fun you bring to your productions is unrivalled and I can’t wait to see you breaking in a new generation of starlets. Just awesome!

      >Other than the things I just menttion for the most part except for a few things, the article is pretty extensive and well written. maybe I’ll come back again a nit pick on some other points lol. Thank you for taking the time and for all the kind words… I am still writing poetry on facebook, the realedpowers@facebook.com. Ciao for now, Love, Ed Powers

      LOL! Again, it’s an honour and I thank you for your kind words. I’m humbled. Nit-pick all you want. To keep spam to a minimum, the comments on the site have to be approved which is why it didn’t work for you. No worries.

      As I said in my Bus Stop Tales review, your film work is what inspired me to begin compiling data on adult films when I was still in highschool, which, in turn, lead me to landing at the Internet Adult Film Database in 2005 as one of its earliest (and probably youngest) staffers. In some way, I think I owe my current gig to you. A lifetime of thanks!

      Introspective and sometimes very personal, I love your poetry and I hope you never stop writing.

      Anyway, thanks again! You have made my day.

  3. Ed Powers
    18 Jul 2012, 1:26 am

    You made my day too! You are a gentleman and cleared up a lot. Thank You for your honesty and desire to bring the truth to light. You are a fine writer! By the way, lol, Kenia isn’t and never was my girlfriend. We do work together, office wise and she is the best employee and friend I have… Continued success to you, my friend. Friend me on facebook…Oh, and yes 370 will be out some time in August thru Hotmovies.com. They viewed a screener and liked it very much, they said it has the Ed charm…and the hot girls. Actually the girls come first.
    All My Best,
    Ed Powers

    • JLB-Videotramp
      18 Jul 2012, 4:56 am

      It’s an honour! I don’t spend a lot of time over on Facebook, but I will drop you a friend request for sure.

      Read the article about MDD 370 on the Hotmovies blog and decided to add the movie to the iafd yesterday. I may have jumped the gun but I couldn’t wait.:-)
      It’ll be in there for purchase when the Hotmovies VOD link goes active.

      Thanks again, Ed. The two other editors on the site were blown away that you checked in, as well.

  4. Ed Powers
    19 Jul 2012, 9:50 pm

    Ed Powers Presents: The All New Dirty Debutantes Volume #370 Release Date:
    Friday August 3rd 2012 at http://www.hotmovies.com
    Let’s make history!

    • JLB-Videotramp
      20 Jul 2012, 7:52 pm

      Beyond awesome!
      Who needs the Dark Knight?

      Ed Powers rises!:-)

      • JLB-Videotramp
        20 Jul 2012, 7:58 pm

        Fixed the Kenia information. Thanks again.

  5. Ed Powers
    26 Jul 2012, 10:07 pm

    Hya, JLB and Video Tramp Fans, A slight change was issued by Hotmovies. Ed Powers Presents The All New Dirty Debutantes Volume 370 will now release Weds August 1st 2012. Usually you hear of delays these days, here is an early arrival and I am even more excited. I also will like to add that the new movie can be seen on http://www.edpowersvod.com as well. While there you can see a whole bunch of my work, like a one stop. JLB, thanks again for making the changes and I hope someday to meet you in person, let’s do lunch… To all the Video Tramp Fans, this is the place to stay in touch and be informed and thanks for reading the articles, especially mine :) lol….
    Love, Ed

  6. Ed Powers
    26 Jul 2012, 10:08 pm

    Hya, JLB and Video Tramp Fans, A slight change was issued by Hotmovies. Ed Powers Presents The All New Dirty Debutantes Volume 370 will now release Weds August 1st 2012. Usually you hear of delays these days, here is an early arrival and I am even more excited. I also will like to add that the new movie can be seen on http://www.edpowersvod.com as well. While there you can see a whole bunch of my work, like a one stop. JLB, thanks again for making the changes and I hope someday to meet you in person, let’s do lunch… To all the Video Tramp Fans, this is the place to stay in touch and be informed and thanks for reading the articles, especially mine :) lol….
    Love, Ed

    • JLB-Videotramp
      28 Jul 2012, 9:37 pm

      Thanks for the heads up, Ed. An advanced release date is definitely good news! I absolutely cannot wait to see it.

      Regarding the whole “doing lunch” thing, while I appreciate the offer immensely, I have a sense it would be an ego-deflating experience on my end. LOL! I can hear the conversation now:

      “Hi, I’m Ed Powers. I’m a self-made millionaire who has travelled all over the globe, slept with thousands of the most beautiful, most desired women in the world and have lived the kind of life most people can only dream of, experiencing all the pleasures this existence has to offer… and then some.”
      “Yeah, hey, um… yeah… my name is Jamie and I’ve watched a lot of dirty movies… So… Yeah.” :-)

      I will add the http://www.edpowersvod.com link to your iafd page, as that gets the great majority of the traffic between the two sites.

      Can’t wait for some All New Dirty Debutantes!!!!

      Thanks again, Ed!

  7. Milftastic
    27 Nov 2012, 3:53 am

    Ed should do a Debutante Milf edition, it would be huge, Pair him up with Tanya Tate, Lisa Ann, Nyomi Banxxx and Amber Lynn

    • JLB-Videotramp
      27 Nov 2012, 8:23 am

      On his Facebook, Ed talked of doing a ‘MILF Edition’ but, as far as I know, nothing ever came of it.

  8. Lynn Sanity
    15 Feb 2013, 3:28 am

    Amber Lynn is back in the biz right now and is looking fantastic, she is almost as in good a shape as ED is now. It’s time for Ed Powers and Amber Lynn to take off their clothes together, compare their 6 pack abs then fuck! The fans want to see it

    • JLB-Videotramp
      15 Feb 2013, 1:21 pm

      Absolutely agree. Add Nina Hartley, Debi Diamond, Lisa Ann to the mix and you’d have the makings of an epic MILF Deb movie. :-)

  9. mack is back
    15 Feb 2013, 6:31 pm

    Ed just announced on his site he just filmed a movie of girls who were already in the business but he missed because he was retired at the time. Does anyone know if he did a scene with Mackenzee Pierce for this? He also missed newcomer Olivia Wilder while he was away from the biz, hope he features her too

  10. Diablo Debutante
    09 Mar 2013, 8:14 am

    Mr. Powers announced that Dirty Debs 376 will soon be out, sorry but no word on Ms Pierce? but he says that he plans to do more Dirty Deb films with girls who have been in the business for a while, so it is possible we may see Ed with newcomer Olivia Wilder? There is also a new fitness girl in the biz Sophia Fiore, if Ed ever reads this he should hit her up on Twitter, she is brand new. I personally want to see Mr Powers work with Milf Tanya Tate but that is probably a long shot, you don’t see him with too many Milfs

  11. Do Misty For Me
    16 Mar 2013, 10:56 pm

    It was just announced Ed Powers will host the upcoming XRCO awards with ebony porn superstar Misty Stone. Ed please do all the fans a favor and have Misty Stone come over to your place right now and film a scene with her. Do Misty for me!

  12. Rabbit Jack
    22 Mar 2013, 9:17 pm

    The new Dirty Debutante 376 is now up at hotmovies but the girls are dissapointing in this one, not too many cute ones

    • JLB-Videotramp
      23 Mar 2013, 4:42 am

      Disappointing? LOL! I think they are quite an attractive lot there. Oh well, to each his own, I guess.

  13. Lacy Logan?
    10 Apr 2013, 1:14 am

    1980’s star Lacey Logan said on her twitter that she may make a comeback after being away from the porn game for 25 years. Dd Powers would be perfect do do her first scene back with, the rare MILF debutante

  14. MSG
    29 Jun 2013, 5:05 am

    Can you PLEASE tell me which video this appeared in:


    I’ve been trying to find that video for ages. No one knows. Not even Ed Powers himself.

    • JLB-Videotramp
      29 Jun 2013, 5:50 am

      The scene is from “Loads of Fun 3: The Cum Shots of Edward Powers”. It’s a compilation of scenes culled from Bus Stop Tales and early More Dirty Debutantes volumes.

      There’s also a few clips that appear to have come from his personal collection (previously unreleased) which is where I suspect that scene came from. In the heavily truncated segment Ed has sex with an overweight black girl in somebody’s living room and ejaculates across her stomach.

  15. Bus Stop fan
    03 Jul 2013, 12:15 am

    Ed should release the scene he did with Mona Dona, a beautiful young Madonna lookalike that he picks up at a bus stop, then takes the beauty back to his place and bangs her as only Ed Powers can. The scene is from Tight Shots 2 (1995) and was Mona’s only B/G scene, she seemed to prefer woman. It’s one of those scenes where you aren’t sure Ed is going to pull it off, maybe she is just going to get naked and that’s it. Once Ed goes to work on her you are cheering for him

    • JLB-Videotramp
      03 Jul 2013, 3:51 am

      I recently asked Ed about some of his discontinued titles, including Tight Shots 2. I’m personally most interested in seeing Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 33 where he makes love to John Holmes’ widow, Laurie. That title seems to have disappeared soon after its release and I’ve never been able to find it. Ed didn’t seem to know, and wasn’t sure if he had masters of the discontinued films. He hoped that those titles weren’t lost forever. Me too.

  16. Bus Stop fan
    03 Jul 2013, 5:21 pm

    Mona Dona and Shana Votar are the ultimate one hit wonders, They only shot one scene with Ed and that was it. Mona was on the Stern show once with her girlfriend but they blurred her face

    • JLB-Videotramp
      02 Feb 2015, 5:52 am

      I don’t know Mona Donna? Ed worked with two Donnas in the Bus Stop movies. Alama Donna and Donna. Not sure which one you are talking about. I just added Shana Votar to the iafd. Gawd she was a cutie.

  17. Euro Porn Rulz
    03 Jul 2013, 11:25 pm

    If Ed ever reads this, tell us if you ever had sex with Euro Star Teresa Orlowski? They must have crossed paths a few times at the Euro film festivals Ed used to attend

    • JLB-Videotramp
      02 Feb 2015, 5:57 am

      Ed doesn’t kiss and tell. :-) Just kidding.

  18. Mike Wong
    03 Aug 2013, 7:01 am

    I wonder if Ed ever had sex off camera with the girls in this videos that only masturbated…like Asianna who was a virgin which he temporarily penetrated…i wonder if he finished the job…or Kari Dee who was in MDD 9 and only masturbated.

    • JLB-Videotramp
      03 Aug 2013, 2:57 pm

      Not a clue.

      • JLB-Videotramp
        02 Feb 2015, 5:56 am

        Okay, yeah Kari Dee is the cute blonde. I think she slept with her boyfriend in MDD 10, not MDD 9. That was it.

      • JLB-Videotramp
        02 Feb 2015, 3:26 pm

        Okay. I finally looked into it.

        Asianna appeared in Porn o’ Plenty 2 where she and Ed went alllll the way including anal sex. Ed didn’t last very long in her ass and even seemed to get mad at himself for cumming so quickly. I love the little title card “Tight!” So funny.

        Some caps:

  19. Raaandy
    25 Aug 2013, 10:32 am

    What video is the busty redhead in the orange shirt is in from the picture in the article.

    • JLB-Videotramp
      26 Aug 2013, 8:27 pm


      • JLB-Videotramp
        02 Feb 2015, 5:28 am

        Sorry. I was in a rush when I answered that. I meant to go back and tell you what volume.

        It’s from Dirty Dirty Debutantes 6. The girl was a Russian hottie named Vicca. It was just a fantastic scene. Ed screws her in a bunch of positions and accidentally jumps the gun, pulling free and launching a load that reaches from her pussy to her face. Later, he goes back in for seconds. That time she gets a cumshot in her mouth. Afterwards, Ed turns the camera back on as she smokes a cigarette while relaxing in his bedroom.

        Here’s some caps:

  20. Ugly dude
    25 Jul 2014, 11:53 pm

    Whose the girl in stockings on this pic?
    Never saw her before.

    • JLB-Videotramp
      02 Aug 2014, 2:38 am

      Aspen Brock from More Dirty Debutantes 102

      • JLB-Videotramp
        02 Feb 2015, 5:48 am

        Yeah, it was a hot scene. She appeared to be either drunk or stoned… something was going on. Not sure. Ed made the best of it, though. He fucked her in a ton of positions and even got her to do some kinky shit, like folding herself up like a pretzel (see pic). LOL! Cool scene!

        • JLB-Videotramp
          02 Feb 2015, 3:56 pm

          If you like seeing a girl turning herself into a pretzel for Ed like Ms. Brock did, also check out MDD 33. Ed bedded down with some girl named Chanel in another amazing scene where she went head over heels for Ed, literally. She couldn’t maintain the positon like Aspen could, but she gave it a damn good try. She also had a really filthy mouth, which Ed seemed to enjoy.

          Here are some caps:

  21. Jester
    15 Jan 2015, 11:26 pm

    Why isn’t Ed doing scenes with any of the hot new porn stars, is he retired again? Eva Lovia, Olivia Wilder and a bunch of new girls need the Ed Powers experience, what happened with Ed?

    • JLB-Videotramp
      31 Jan 2015, 7:04 pm

      Ed will be back. He took some time off last year. He said on his radio show that he was lining up girls at AEE.

  22. Allie
    08 Jan 2016, 2:57 am

    Thanx for the great article!

    Could you PLEASE tell me which video this gal came from?


    Many thanx in advance.

    • JLB-Videotramp
      08 Jan 2016, 6:21 pm

      I need to look. I’m really not sure at the moment which volume it was that I snagged that screencap off of. I just remember she told Ed that she wanted to do a threeway with him at some point and then she started screaming her head off as they were fucking.

      • Allie
        09 Jan 2016, 2:14 pm

        Thanx for your reply.
        Please look into it. Only you can know the answer.
        Very much appreciated.

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