Black In My Crack

Year: 2008
Runtime: 122
Distributor: Evolution Erotica
Studio: Evolution Erotica
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Tom Byron (1987’s “Beyond The Denver Dynasty“) somehow manages to find the whitest girls in the Valley to be defiled by a bunch of well-hung black boys. It’s non-stop anal action from start to finish, with Byron himself manning camera. A decent interracial gonzo entry. Ariana Jollee ratchets up the heat metre just by appearing. Her scene is easily the hottest of the bunch.


Katja Kassin (2009’s “Teenage Babysitters“) preens and shakes her big awesome booty for Tom Byron’s camera in his backyard fortress. She is joined by Jr. King (credits: Junior King) on a blanket which has been stretched out across the grass. She makes messy work of his dick with her mouth and then bends over letting him drive his monster cock in her snatch. Off to the anal races we go as Jr. slams her ass in three positions (mish, cowgirl, rc) stopping intermittently to let her gape and/or suck her ass juice off his dick. He busts off across her tongue, chest and face and she cleans him up.


Taylor Lynn {blonde, plain-looking, nice butt, shaved pussy, tongue piercing, dolphin tattoo right of navel and lower back} is standing on a stairway in Byron’s house. She slowly makes her way into his living room, stopping to let Byron shoot her in various states of undress. Later, in Byron’s bedroom,Lynn in leopard halter top and white jeans, looks hot. Byron feeds her a line about Justin Slayer being the “pool guy” and Lynn looks unimpressed. Byron informs her that she’s kidding and that there will be no improv needed in his movie. Lynn blows Slayer and then gets doggy and flying cowgirl screwed off the bed. On the bed, she rides him. They move back to the floor so Slayer can insert four fingers in her ass replaced a few seconds later by his dick. Four positions later (doggy, rc, spoon, doggy) and he’s busting off across her face and open mouth. She cleans him off.


Deja Dare (credits: Deja Daire) is next and, wow, somebody needs to get some Sun. Deja (2006’s “Fuck To Pop“) is so pale, that had she not been moving, I would have sworn Byron dragged a corpse back to his place. Spooky-looking thing she is, with her greyish-black hair, smallish tits, tongue piercing, shaved box, stars to the right of her navel, nasty scowl and anus that looks like it’s going to fall out. The minute she starts to speak, you realize that, yeah, she’s a friggin’ genius. Byron asks her if she’s registered to vote but she has no idea what that means. “No, I guess?” she tells him. “Are you allowed to vote?” Byron asks her. “No, I don’t think so?” comes her awesome reply. Next, Byron mutters, “You’re from Arizona?” to which she replies, “Uh, yeah!” Had to think about it. “That’s a swing state,” Byron tells her. “Uh, what… swing?” Sigh. It’s all too painful. Even Nat Turnher (film credits: Nat Turner – DVD box credits: Nat Turnher) can’t help but start chuckling as Byron probes the depths of this post-teeny-bopper mind. It’s mostly empty judging by the echo. Eventually Byron tires of it and has her get to work. A quick bj sesssion, and Nat heads straight for Dare’s dumper, fucking her like the semi-dead slab of meat she is (or looks to be). Byron doesn’t linger his camera on her anus long. It’s a horrible sight, indeed. More anal sex in a bunch of positions and Nat sends a load down her throat and across her face.


Heaven arrives in the next scene in the form of bad ass New Yorker, Ariana Jollee (2004’s “Violation of Gia Paloma“). A tall glass of just plain awesomeness she is. Tom liked her so much he stuck her on the box. Wise man, that Tom Byron. The best ass in porn slowly makes its way up Byron’s staircase heading for his bedroom. She’s wearing a white mesh bra hiding her tits. The legs! Damn, the legs. So fine. And her butt (the bestest butt) is barely covered in a white thong.


Prior to sex, Ariana films her two lovers (Jr. King and John E. Depth) with her personal video camera for inclusion in her “little book.” Hey, Ariana, Nikki Lee and Christina Saunders both just called, they want their idea back. King and Depth aren’t long getting her into bed where she seems most comfortable. She deep-gags both of them, making a mess. The boys trade off her mouth and pussy as she cranks everything up to frantic. She gets four fingers up her anus in anticipation of the dp to come. Depth (DVD box credits: Johnny Depth), who’s screwing her underneath has to move his head as to avoid the slobber she’s sending his way in the form of a messy blowjob delivered to King. Nasty! She takes King in her ass in rc  and almost immediately launches a gallon of fuck-juice across the bed, drenching both Byron’s camera and the sheets they are macking on. Messy girl. Byron (nonsex) can’t even believe it and has to stop the action to clean off his lens. Hilarious, actually. “Make me fucking cum! Make me fucking cum!” she hollers as the boys throw her a solid double penetration fuck. As she does, she actually has the boys stop so she can take over, fucking them back. After a lengthy dp each guy dumps their load across her face and into her open mouth. It’s a lot of cum, especially from John E. Depth (2010’s “Mr. Marcus’ Crazy Ass Movie 2“) who looks like he’s been saving up. She cleans them off and then scoops it into her mouth swallowing it down. “Loved you in Pirates of the Caribbean,” Byron tells Depth, who breaks out laughing.


Renee Pornero dances and preens out in Byron’s backyard fortress thing. She’s got a nice rump wrapped in a black leather bikini. Byron follows her up a set of stairs. Wow! Renee is a plain-looking Austrian, with jet black hair and a good body. Both nipples are pierced. She joins Byron inside, allowing her co-star, Boz, to paw at her as Byron chats her up. She blows Boz and he returns the favour, tonguing her shaved box. After some vag sex, Renee consents to taking Boz’s black telephone pole up her ass. She looks to be in a wee bit of pain. He screws her in doggy and mish and busts off across her tongue and mouth. She cleans him off.

No condoms.

Dates of Production: 10/1/2008. Sleeve Date: 10/15/2008. DVD Date of Production: 9/30/2008

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Katja Kassin and Jr. King in Black In My Crack
Katja Kassin and Jr. King in Black In My Crack
Taylor Lynn in Black In My Crack
Taylor Lynn and Justin Slayer in Black In My Crack
Deja Dare and Nat Turnher in Black In My Crack
Deja Dare and Nat Turnher in Black In My Crack
Ariana Jollee in Black In My Crack
Tom Byron in Black In My Crack
Ariana Jollee and John E. Depth in Black In My Crack
Ariana Jollee, Jr. King and John E. Depth in Black In My Crack
Renee Pornero in Black In My Crack
Renee Pornero and Boz in Black In My Crack