Torrid Tales

Year: 1996
Runtime: 85
Distributor: Vivid
Studio: Vivid
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“Torrid Tales” features four couples-oriented short stories. The stories, separated by introductory credits (establishing writer and cast), are fantasy-driven and atmospheric, and include plenty of swanky music and mood lighting, the type of stuff Vivid was doing a lot of back in the early 90s. This one was clearly designed as a vehicle for Racquel Darrian, as she features in (and bogs down) two of the four segments. No, I’m not a fan.


“Three On A Match” is first up. Written by Jean Aubrey, it features Racquel Darrian (last seen around here in “Boobs Butts And Bloopers“) dreaming up a threeway in the middle of blackout. Bouncing back and forth between reality and fantasy, the segment starts out well enough but quickly gets bogged down by its non-linear structure. Jon Dough (last seen around here in “Girls of the Night“) and Derek Lane (credits: Derrick Lane) play repairmen who stop by to tell Raquel that her power will be out for awhile because of the storm. Lighting a match, Racquel settles in for an evening alone. The two repairmen and the romantic atmospherics (the storm, the candle, the soft breeze etc.) all work to stimulate Racquel, who, in her mind, launches into a rather torrid sexual scenario – one that dances back and forth between reality (Darrian masturbating) and fantasy (Darrian screwing Dough and Lane). The threeway is generic, featuring the boys trading off her mouth and pussy and ending with Dough ejaculating on her pubes while Lane spurts across her boobs. She licks Lane clean.


“The Guest Room”, also written by Jean Aubrey, suffers the same affliction as the last segment in that it’s forever stopping and starting, attempting to tell a half fantasy/half reality story of a young couple (Missy and Alex Sanders) who have become sexually enchanted by the stewardess (Nici Sterling) sharing their guest bedroom. In a fairly erotic set-up, Nici Sterling, a stewardess, arrives at her boyfriend’s house to sleep it off. She masturbates for a bit, something her housemates (Missy and Sanders) don’t seem to mind. Nici gets loud and Missy (last seen around here in “Coming of Fortune“) suddenly finds herself getting very turned on. Alex and her slink into bed for some quickie sex (it’s one position and no cumshot). Later that night, Missy has a dream in which Nici (last seen around here in “Rainwoman 10“) seduces her. The next day, Missy stumbles into Nici’s room, who is away on a flight. She rummages through her things, finding nipple clamps and a vibrator. She sniffs the vibrator before inserting it inside of herself. Of course Nici arrives home, catching the young lady. No worries, Nici is into it and promptly stuffs a string of beads up Missy’s butt to teach her a lesson. Jump forward a day, and Missy catches Nici blowing Alex Sanders (last seen around here in “Teacher And Me“) thus setting into motion the final (and much anticipated) threeway. He screws both women as they lick each other. Pulling free of Missy in doggy, he sends a load across Nici’s face, who is piled underneath. So far to go for so little, the actual sex paled in comparison to the build up.


“The Gift” was written by Raven Touchstone and I had high expectations going in, considering Raven’s track record as a porn screenwriter. I was let-down. The set-up is mystifying, involving two lesbians (Tyler and Darrian) who develop a fondness for dick after being tricked by a transsexual named Dutch while on vacation in Canada. They spend their days bringing women back to their mansion in the hills, attempting to re-live that moment or something. Of course the women they bring back are genetic females, and a strap-on acts as a stand-in for tranny dick. This time it’s Madelyn Night (ending credits: Madeline Night) who is the lucky boy-to-be. Before we get to the expected Night screwing Tyler and Darrian with the plastic, we have to wade through Darrian feigning jealousy after catching Tyler being eaten by Night.


“The River” is the paramount entry in this story-collection and a great way to finish the show. Paying homage to those late-60s 16mm film nudie loops (minus the grain), the dialogue-deficient segment relies on a cutesy music track and pantomime to prop up a rather quaint story of a couple (Gerry Pike and Jessica James) being spied on by a young girl (Bridgette Monroe) in the woods as they make love. Upon catching sight of her, the couple chase her down and discover that she’s wearing James’ pink panties. Earlier in the scene, it was established that Monroe (last seen around here in “Torrid Without A Cause 2“), a hiker,  found the panties sitting on a rock and decided to try them on. Rather than get angry, they elect to include the young woman in their love-making. Things boil over when Monroe slowly and seductively reveals her huge knockers to the couple. Later, with Jessica’s encouragement, Bridgette climbs atop Pike and practically rides him into the forest floor. Hot, romantic and beautifully shot, this is all things a porn sex scene should be. Monroe was a hard-looking girl back in her day, but her huge boobs are delicious and she fucks like an animal. Pike dumps his load across James’ and Monroe’s boobs.

Condoms used in every scene.

No production dates given.

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