Babysitter Diaries 4

Year: 2010
Runtime: 122
Distributor: Mile high
Studio: Reality Junkies
Our Score

“Babysitter Diaries 4” actually features some clever set-ups, proving to me that Bobby Manila and company might actually be trying this time around. Either that, or they have a talented (read: sober) writer on staff. The second set-up involving Victoria White attempting to scam her way out of a babysitting job, utilizing some under-handed but brilliant means, is pure gold. Even the lesser set-ups are creative and fun. The cast is all A-listers, with Evan Stone and Allie Haze leading the charge.  This is a very good effort, overall, with some very hot and very well-filmed sex scenes.


While babysitting Tommy Gunn’s rug rats, Nicole Ray (last seen around here in “Not Charlie’s Angels XXX“), discovers a package addressed to Mr. Gunn sitting outside the front door. She’s reluctant to open it but, thinking it’s jewellery, she can’t resist a sneak peek. Instead of gemstones, she winds up with a fistful of Tommy’s porn DVDs. She’s shocked. “Where’s Mrs. Gunn?” she wonders aloud. She elects to throw one on and is immediately impressed with the size of Tommy’s… brain. At that exact moment, Gunn (last seen around here in “Pandora’s XXX Toy Box“) arrives home from work, setting into motion a fun improvised back and forth between the two. Ray scrambles to distract him, yapping about everything from the internet to saving the planet. It doesn’t work, as Gunn is keen on checking the baseball scores. He sees what she saw and soon the pair are working out an arrangement involving sex in return for silence. See, Tommy’s wife isn’t aware of his past career as a pornstar, and he’s intent on keeping it that way, even if it means screwing the hired help. They wind up humping right there in the living room as, I assume, the kids nap upstairs. Ray has long blonde hair, a thin, waifish body, medium-real tits, navel, right nostril and tongue piercing and a shaved pussy. She also has a great, playful attitude and Gunn screws her in three positions (doggy, cowgirl and spoon) before dumping a load across her pussy..


The next segment features one of those rare things in porn – a clever set-up. Mousy blonde Victoria White (last seen around here in “This Ain’t Ghost Hunters XXX“) plans for attending “the hottest party ever!” are dashed when she realizes that she has to babysit later that night. “Maybe I’ll just go in early,” she tells her friend. Don’t think it actually works like that but, hey, whatever. As it turns out, she’s not so dense after all. Her plan involves making her employer, Jack Lawrence (last seen around here in “Young Harlots: Gang Bang“), believe that she’s going to get into all sorts of trouble and, in turn, he’ll fire her. As it turns out, Mr. Lawrence is one of the coolest guys on the planet. When she shows up a little tipsy, he offers her coffee. When she says she’s going to be bringing boys over (“About five”), he suggests that they have a party, and when she mentions that they might watch some porn later, he suggests two channels that air that kind of programming. Time to set into motion Plan B: Screw her employer in hopes that the wife will arrive home, catch them and fire her. White is a cute blonde with medium tits and a shaved pussy. Thinking he’s helping her with a school project, Jack screws her in three positions (mish, rc and doggy) ending with him ejaculating across her face and into her open mouth. As she had hoped, Lawrence’s wife, Rayveness (last seen around here in “Tales From The Pink“), wanders in, catching the pair. As it turns out, she’s just as cool as her hubby. Great scene. Great set-up..


Alec Knight and Zoe Holloway, as husband and wife, are stepping out for the evening leaving babysitter Jennifer White (last seen around here in “Cum Fart Cocktails 8“) behind to watch their kids who are both conveniently not home. After they depart, White takes the opportunity to chat with her boyfriend on her laptop in the couple’s bed. Apparently he’s over in Iraq serving the Military Industrial Complex his country. The webcam’s sound is acting up, so she decides to give him an impromptu strip tease/masturbation show instead. Knight (last seen around here in another babysitter movie, “Boffing The Babysitter 6“) returns home to retrieve his wallet. Rushing upstairs, he discovers White rubbing one out on his bed. “Whatryou doing here missur Knight!?!” White slur-screeches. Alec is cool and decides to let it go, as long as she’s fully dressed when the kids are dropped off. Jennifer is feeling particularly vulnerable, and opens up to Knight about how lonely (and horny) she’s been. She begs him to stay and talk to her. He does, albeit reluctantly, knowing that his wife is waiting for him back at the restaurant. As expected, the chat turns into a frantic screw session including a lengthy anal in reverse cowgirl. Jennifer, Kristen Bell just called, she wants her face back. Wow, does Jenny ever look like a brunette version of Bell, you know the star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Fanboys and that tv show-thingy. I can already see the parodies now. White has pale skin, is thin, with medium-sized perky tits and a shaved pussy. Knight pulls out of her ass, delivering a load across her face and open mouth. She cleans him off.


With his wife (Kasey Grant, in a nonsex role) leaving for the cottage and his weekend occupied grading papers, college professor Dale DaBone resorts to hiring one of his students (Brynn Tyler) to watch his kid. All’s well and good, until Brynn (last seen around here in “Alektra’s Dirty Mind“) comes sniffing arouding wondering if DaBone has graded her paper because, you know, she really needs to get an A. Worrying he might lose his job (or, if you live in Texas, go to jail for one hundred years) he declines her offer of sex. He’s a man, though, and her seduction attempts eventually melt away his barrier (read: common sense). Brynn’s cute enough, with long blonde hair, big fake tits, an okay body and a shaved pussy. DaBone (last seen around here in “This Ain’t Avatar XXX“) screws her in all over his white couch, and she fake cums. It’s quite hot. Dale arrives at his own orgasm not soon after. His appears to be real and rather tremendous. He delvers it across her fake tits. In parting, he admits that he already graded her paper the day before and she got an A.


In the final segment, my least favorite of the lot, Allie Haze arrives to sit for Kayla Quinn, who hams it up to the max in her tiny nonsex role. Kayla, a smug socialite type, has arranged a date with a wealthy guy and is yapping with her friend on the phone about it. She isn’t fond of Allie and makes no attempts to hide it, tossing a couple of jabs her way during the conversation. In turn, Allie isn’t exactly a big fan either, but a job is a job, so she keeps her mouth shut. After Kayla leaves, Allie vows her revenge. And it isn’t long before that revenge vow is being set into motion, as Evan Stone (last seen around here in “Superman XXX: A Porn Parody“), Kayla’s date, calls to say he’ll be arriving shortly. Rushing into the bathroom, Allie changes into a slinky leopard skinned dress and proceeds to wait for Evan to arrive. Yes, she seduces him and, yes, they have sex all over the woman’s couch – as the kid is sleeps in the next room. Nice. Evan can act the proverbial pants off anyone in the business right now, but watching him screw always leaves me out in the cold. Allie played the lead in Eddie Powell’s “Lost And Found”, easily the greatest adult film to be released in the past few years, so I am particularly fond of her, both as a performer and as an actress. Here, once again, she does both with equal aplomb. Evan isn’t called on to act here, just react and stay hard. He cums on Allie’s right ass check, just as Kayla stumbles in, finding the two in a sweaty heap.

No condoms.

Dates of Production: 09/23/2010, 09/26/2010, 09/28/2010, 09/29/2010. Date of Release: 02/14/2011

DVD Extras include separate interviews with each girl. No big revelations to be had, minus that Allie likes having sex with girls or something.

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