Max Faktor 14

Year: 2005
Runtime: 90
Distributor: Max Hardcore
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Max pushes the pedo-envelope once again by having Asia (in scene 2) mutter same garbage about having a “12 year-old cunt”. *sigh*. The guy will never learn. Back in 1998, critics and fans alike scoffed at his decision to include Regan Starr’s line about being only “twelve and a half” in his “Max Hardcore Extreme 4”. That encounter (and the utterance of that now infamous line) was considered a real low-point in Max’s career. Both Max and Regan apologized for their behaviour in separate interviews, with Max acknowledging that it probably wasn’t a smart idea to release the scene with that slice of verbal finesse still intact. Now less than 10 years later he serves up this bullshit. Reckless and stupid are but two adjectives that come to mind. I guess it’s no surprise he found himself serving a three year prison stint less than five years later for other indignities committed. Surprisingly this one seemed to slip by the authorities but not by me. Oh, joy!


Implied pedophilia aside, this is actually one of his tamer efforts, barely registering as a contemporary Max film. His usual misogynistic chestnuts – referring to the actresses as “cunt” and “whore”, urinating on them, slapping them around and forcing them to vomit on themselves – all find their way into the film, but it’s not to the usual excess we’ve come to expect from him. He even seems to be taking it easy on the first two gals, however, when we belly up to the third and final scene, the crazy cowboy is practically boiling over with that wild-eyed rage fans of his know all too well. He’s got gorgeous Barbie Bucxxx in his sights and for nearly twenty minutes she is made to endure his wrath, which manifests itself in some jolting roughness, face slapping and a beer pitcher’s worth of urine for which Bucxxx must ingest.


Plot-wise, it’s the same old, same old. Shifty, lizard-in-a-cowboy-hat Max Hardcore continues his interminable quest for new models to brutalize… er… shoot for his production company. In this edition, Max has grown weary of seeing the same faces on every website. “Everybody’s shooting the same fucking whores,” he says. In his infinite wisdom, he decides that the best place to find new girls are the local area parks and schoolyards. He’s a class act all the way. Despite his protests to the contrary, he ultimately winds up with “the same fucking whores” only dressed up in his choice of attire. Yawn. On the upside, Romolo Pecci’s lighting and camera-work is impeccable.


The first girl is Courtney Simpson (credits: Courtney) playing a ditzy, pig-tailed teenager recruited by Max for a ride on his ugly yellow leather couch. Courtney is gorgeous (!), has disconcerting ‘Children of the Damned’ eyes, long blonde hair, tight mini-body-builder body, toned legs and calves, six-pack abs, gorgeous butt, shaved pussy and no boobs. She was apparently 20 when she shot this scene, but she looks older. She’s wearing Max’s usual wardrobe including shirt, short skirt, white high heels with white socks and a pink knapsack. Max drops the lame pedo facade briefly letting Courtney pimp her website but then it’s back to business. Right away Courtney puts her years as gymnast and cheerleader to good use by spreading those fantastic legs of her as wide apart as possible, doing the splits across Max’s yellow leather couch. Max can’t resist a quick insertion in this position. Visually, it’s pretty hot. Not sure why producers don’t show girls doing the splits more often. A brief deep-gagging session finds Courtney passing gas loudly while attempting to get all of Max down her throat, She jerks away, looking stunned. She attempts to laugh it off, although she’s clearly flustered and embarrassed. Any designs she may have had on maintaining some level of dignity and refinement slip away fast as the snot running downing her face mixes with the tears and saliva dangling off her chin. She eventually relinquishes control, giving herself wholly and completely to Max and whatever deviant shit he has churning around in his head. They move through a bunch of random positions and Courtney agrees to take it in the butt for the first time. Even though he has a small dick, Max doesn’t use lube and Courtney appears to be in some degree of discomfort, but not as much as when Max drapes her upside down over the arm of his couch and runs her through some revolting deep-gagging yuckiness. Courtney freaks out, especially when Max starts in with the pissing down her throat nonsense. His trademark pissing while re-inserting makes Courtney go ga-ga. Before the scenes end, Courtney will do some ass-to-mouth, anal gaping, toe-sucking, drink some more piss and even dump a gallon of tummy juices (no doubt some of Max’s own urine) all over Max’s cock. It’s revolting. He spurts off a sizeable load inside her mouth as she is draped upside down on his couch. She spits it out in horror.


Max picks up the next girl, Asia, in the local park where she’s been roller-skating. Max feeds her the usual line about him being a filmmaker and she agrees to let him screw her. He inserts his cock up her ass mere seconds after bringing her into his apartment and even manages to produce a wicked anal gape minutes in. The scene is awkward, as the cumbersome roller skates play havoc with their positioning. Asia is Asian, of course, is cute, has long brown hair, sounds not-too-bright, has nice tits, shaved pussy, thin body and is wearing lots of eye make-up. Max drapes her upside down over the arm of the couch for some deep-gagging, piss-drinking loveliness. She vomits several times as Max goes back and forth from her ass to her mouth. She appears to be slightly horrified, even calling him a ‘sick fucker’ under her breath at one point. In reverse cowgirl, Asia gives herself to the moment and appears to get off, something that surprises the crazy cowboy from Hell. He taints the goodness by producing a dildo and later a speculum which he inserts and cranks. He later inserts some dental clamps in her mouth and proceeds to use her gaping toothy hole as a toilet. The horrified expression on her face speaks volumes. Sadly, he’s not as good with his aim as he probably could be. He eventually cums in her mouth and she blows bubbles with it before swallowing. Disgusting.


After a day of bumper cars and enjoying theme park rides, Max hooks up with Barbie Bucxxx (credits: Barbii) who is alone in the food court waiting for her mother. Curiously, she and an uncredited Pandora Dreams (thanks, Morbid for the i.d.) were beside Max throughout nearly every aspect of the theme park craziness, but we’re supposed to believe that he and Barbie are meeting for the first time. Sigh. Max isn’t even trying anymore. During a weird conversation, a shy and nervous Barbie admits that she comes from Scotland and somehow she lost track of her mother during the day. Max convinces her that he’s producing a science fiction-thriller called ‘Assault on ‘Yer Anus (It’s By Pluto)’ and he needs another blonde to complete the cast. She agrees to follow him home for an impromptu audition. Barbie is quite gorgeous, has long blonde hair, no belly tone, nice medium-sized tits, is very pale and has a very sexy Scottish accent. She appears none-too-bright but it could be an act. She’s wearing white high heels with white socks and pink panties (which she never removes). Back in his place, he puts her through the usual paces including having her strip and deep-gag on his cock. He later has her stick her fingers down her throat to induce vomiting, which she lets go on his cock, to his great delight. It an intense, messy, puke and piss drenched deep-gagging-only session that results in Max getting all hot and bothered and orgasming into her mouth and across her face. She swallows before giggling her way into the end credits. Barbie is the feisty, scrappy little Scottish strumpet who gave Max a run for his money in “Pure Max 16” – a scene that became an instant classic when it was leaked online ahead of the DVD release. This scene is tame in comparison.

No condoms.

Date of Production: 2005. Date of Release: 7/7/2005

In the Behind The Scenes, Courtney chats with Romolo Pecci about the scene, about her first anal and whether or not she would do it again. She would.

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  4. brian solctice
    28 Aug 2012, 11:23 pm

    barbie is so hot. i recently noticed the actress amber heard, and she has a very similar look. id really like to find barbies lesbian movies, and if theres any fetish solo videos

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