Kayden’s College Tails

Year: 2010
Runtime: 125
Distributor: Adam & Eve
Studio: Adam & Eve
Our Score

Five scenes connected only by the fact that the players are supposedly in college, that’s what we’re working with here. With the exception of Charley Chase’s encounter, the scenes are poorly lit, mechanical and mostly boring. Nobody seems much into it, not even the headliner, former Digital Playground contract girl, Kayden Kross, who robotically moves and screams her way through her two meandering scenes. Her partner in one of them, James Deen, has enough energy for ten guys but, like Erik Everhard and so many other studs before him, there’s no real passion.


James Deen (last seen around here in “Simpsons: The XXX Parody“) plays a Southern hick who mocks up a fake French accent to get into Kayden Kross’ pants. It’s a silly premise that is all but abandoned once the perfunctory sex gets going. They trade oral favours before Deen puts her through the usual assortment of positions (I think I counted 8 or 9). Kayden’s loud, obnoxious moans become grating after awhile and Deen is all speed and slap with very little passion. I almost couldn’t wait for this thing to end. He cums across her chest, neck and face and she cleans him up.


College student Alanah Rae discusses about how she dislikes people, and how she loves to sneak out back between classes for a cigarette. We flash to the exterior of the school at night, as Alanah sits smoking. She is approached by student Chris Johnson (last seen around here in “This Ain’t Avatar XXX“) who propositions her for sex. She’s cool with it, of course, and the two sneak off to an empty darkened classroom. Alanah’s massive bolt-ons and thick body will surely appeal to some. Not to me. She strips for Johnson and then the pair screw against a row of tables lined with computer monitors. The sex is about as cold and colorless as the room they are having sex in. He cums across her face to end the scene and she cleans him off.


Brooke Lee Adams (last seen around here in “Official Friday The 13th Parody“) arrives to talk to her professor, Talon (last seen around here in “Cream In My Teen“). Yeah, right. Apparently he’s tough on grading or something, and this makes Adams go ga ga. We segue into Adams doing a strip show, as a voice-over announces how attracted she is to him. They screw right there in the office. Talon’s tendency towards roughness isn’t as pronounced here and the scene plays out rather normally. It’s all the usual positions before ending up on top of the desk. Talon ejaculates inside Adams at her request. She lets it leak out. She looks slightly disgusted afterwards.


Charley Chase (credits: Charlie Chase) and Rocco Reed, in a school uniform, discuss what good friends they are. Chase (last seen around here in “Sex Files: A Dark XXX Parody“) wonders if their friendship puts sex off limits. Nope, apparently, because within seconds of her asking, they are going at it. “Relax, let it happen,” Charley tells Reed (last seen around here in “Official Friday The 13th Parody“). The sex is fairly intense, if only because Chase is so adept at selling her enjoyment of it. One reviewer I deeply respect pointed out that this scene lacked the passion that Alanah and Kayden’s had. I feel the complete opposite. I thought those two scenes were mechanical while this one was pure passion. It’s also nice to see a pair of big real tits swaying back and forth when getting pounded. Reed comes across Chase’s sweaty face and into her open mouth and she cleans him off.


Kayden Kross yaps about how she likes some guy in her Spanish class. The guy is Toni Ribas and she invites him back to her dorm room because, like, you know, like, sex is universal. Ribas speaks Spanish as she undresses him. They kiss and cuddle and trade oral favours. Kross comes off as more hooker than interested sex partner, and this scene is all flashing looks at the camera while being as loud and boisterous as possible. The sexing includes a half dozen positions and a sequence in which Ribas stuffs four fingers and his dick up inside Kross’ pussy. By the end, he’s practically throwing her around. He cums, seemingly by accident, down her ass crack.

No condoms.

No production dates given.

DVD includes BTS footage, a bonus scene from Kayden and Rocco Make A Porno (scene 1) and interviews with Charley Chase, Alanah Rae and Brooke Lee Adams.

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Kayden Kross and James Deen in Kayden's College Tails
Kayden Kross and James Deen in Kayden's College Tails
Chris Johnson in Kayden's College Tails
Alanah Rae and Chris Johnson in Kayden's College Tails
Brooke Lee Adams in Kayden's College Tails
Brooke Lee Adams and Talon in Kayden's College Tails
Charley Chase and Rocco Reed in Kayden's College Tails
Charley Chase and Rocco Reed in Kayden's College Tails
Kayden Kross in Kayden's College Tails
Kayden Kross and Toni Ribas in Kayden's College Tails