Audrey Hollander Learns Kelly Wells What Assfisting Is

Year: 2008
Runtime: 115
Distributor: Sweet Pictures
Studio: Cumplexxx
Our Score

Undisclosed compilation of scenes from various Bobby Rinaldi projects with a final scene culled from Tyce Bune’s Watch Me Eat My Creampie 2. 

With the exception of scene 2 and scene 4, it’s mostly forgettable filler stuff. The title denotes an anal fist insertion scene between Audrey Hollander and Kelly Wells. It happens but it lasts mere seconds and is much ado about nothing. Another version of the scene might exist but this one, the one I own, runs seconds. 

 Kicking things off in the gutter, Bobby Rinaldi and Skeeter Kerkove help Kelly Wells (last seen around here in “Girlvert 8“) insert a huge, thick dildo up her ass to open the film. She appears to be in some pain, but she’s a trooper.

Later, outside on a patio, Skeeter and Audrey Hollander (last seen around here in “Passionate Love“) insert the handle of a hammer up Kelly’s ass then they have her heel-toe it into a shed where Audrey shoves 8 fingers inside Kelly’s ass. Adam Wood stands around adding commentary. Otto Bauer (last seen around here in “Teenage Babysitters“) joins in and the girls share his cock. Kelly gets it in the ass from Otto in a bunch of positions, including a couple of double hole insertions (Kelly’s fingers and Otto’s dick/a dildo and Otto’s dick etc.). Things get a little carried away and Kelly actually loses a nail in her ass. Oops! Kelly also pisses the bed while getting fucked. She does some ass to mouth, ending with Otto cumming into her mouth. The girls swap it and Kelly swallows it.

Jamie Brooks {blonde hair pulled back in a bun, big fake tits, shaved pussy, small rose on the left of her navel and another rose on the right of her shoulder blade}, in a wedding dress, is waiting for the arrival of her husband-to-be so the ceremony can begin. The groom’s father, Randy Spears (last seen around here in “Alektra’s Dirty Mind“), offers to comfort her with a game of cards but she wants more. They end up screwing, of course. Spears wants her ass and she has no problem with that. He anals her in a bunch of positions including spoon, reverse cowgirl and doggy. Things get a little comical when Brooks zips around to suck his cock out of her ass. “Don’t do that,” Spears blurts. Hilarious. He cums across her face and into her open mouth to end the scene. She gives him some post-cum head.

Gia Jordan {hard-looking brunette, nice body, smallish tits} writhes around on a bed yapping dirty. She’s in a pink fishnet shirt and a black leather corset. Nick Manning enters and places a blindfold on her briefly. They screw in a bunch of positions before Manning screws her ass in spoon. Gia does some ass to mouth, which causes Manning to start talking dirty. He really needs to stop talking dirty as he sounds semi-retarded. I swear, he screams “Ass Whore!” at the top of his lungs like four times. More anal in mish, rc and pile driver. He gives her an open mouth facial for her efforts and she cleans him off.

Vanessa Lane, a gorgeous brunette with fake tits and a great attitude, preens for the camera before Chris Charming (last seen around here in “Teen Bitches 2“) enters and feeds her his cock. This easily ranks as the hottest scene of this compilation as they both seem into it. She gives him a messy blowjob before indulging him in a screw that involves a small blue dildo being inserted into whichever of her holes isn’t being filled at that moment. She does ass to mouth at one point and even does the splits (wow!), and later, wraps herself up like a pretzel. Girl is definitely flexible. She two hands-strokes him off into her mouth and across her face. She cleans him off.

Kathleen Kruz {long brown hair, cute, thin, smallish nice tits, shaved pussy, navel piercing, small design on right hip above pube line and another on her lower back. She fakes one… er… rubs it out until Tyce Bunce (last seen around here in “Sweet Lil 18 9: Legal and Tender“) enters and moves things along. He puts her through her paces including bj, cowgirl, rc and mish ending with Tyce blowing his load inside of her. He gets her to push it out mostly onto his fingers which he then inserts into Kathleen’s mouth. He screws again but only for a few seconds. She appears less impressed as Tyce makes her suck his cock.

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