Ghostess with the Mostess

Year: 1988
Runtime: 72
Distributor: Caballero Home Video
Studio: Caballero Home Video
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Alex DeRenzy is probably best known to adult video fans for Baby Face, Pretty Peaches and Femmes de Sade, however, it’s the films that he produced in the late 1980’s that I most think about whenever somebody mentions Alex. For as much as I love and adore his earliest works, it’s those glossy, beautifully-shot, thinly plotted, playful movies he made between 1986 and 1991 that most stuck with me. This probably has something to do with the fact that they were the first DeRenzy films of his in which I actually saw. Or it could have something to do with just how fun and red-hot they were. Unlike most of the mean-spirited, misogynistic fare that has emerged out of porn, the worst of which DeRenzy could be accused of producing, those videos were just a lot of fun — capturing perfectly the glowing sun, youtful bronzed bodies and carefree nature of Southern California circa 1980s. 

Sometime in 1991, Henri Pachard (as Jackson St. Louis) and DeRenzy (who adopted the pseudonym Rex Borsky), set about producing a truckload of anal-themed cheapies; typically all of them starred some combination of Tom Byron, Marc Wallice or Joey Silvera and all, typically, had “anal” somewhere in the title. I wasn’t a fan of those movies, in much the same way I’m not much of a fan of gonzo. For me, DeRenzy was at his best when he was being creative. 

While some critics might disagree, it’s pretty clear that DeRenzy’s creative thrust was dissipating when (or around the time) he set about shooting those Eva Allen vehicles. By the end of the 90’s, DeRenzy had seemingly lost interest in the business, at least in a creative sense. His last film, “Anal Booty Burner 2”, was shot in 1997. He died four years later.

“Ghostess With the Mostess” offers up a silly story, told with a real technical flare  – a specialty of DeRenzy. Good lighting, vibrant colors that really pop, exceptional camera-work and palpable/lust-crazed sex with performers who are young enough, and suitably horny enough, to make every move incendiary. While Eva Allen (credited as Marlena Bond) is touted as the star, it’s Aja (last seen around here in “Simply Irresistible“) that makes my mouth water.

Her body is easily the most delicious of the lot; toned and muscular with achingly sexy legs and an ass to die for. A shot early in the film of Aja in a black nighty, which is draped open at the front, made my sit up and take notice. As she rises, it becomes clear that she totally naked underneath. That scene absolutely did it for me. 

Kathryn Reed, in a nonsex cameo as a real estate agent, is having a heck of a time selling a spacious three bedroom house out in the country, that is until Joey Silvera and his high-maintenance wife, Aja, arrive to check it out. It seems the inclusion of a maid’s quarters and a pool is the thing that tips them over the edge as buyers. Yup, Silvera’s got himself a spicy Latin housekeeper (Tanya Fox) that he’s making time with behind his wife’s back, as well as a “kid”, Tom Byron and the extra space is needed. Little does Silvera realize that he’s also got two more uninvited guests staying at his place, in the form of a pair of mischievous, good-natured ghosts (Randy Spears and Eva Allen). 

It isn’t long after arriving that strange things begin to happen. Despite his wife’s clear objections, Silvera (last seen around here in “Jailhouse Girls“) rushes off to make time with his sultry housekeeper, Tanya Fox (mocking up one of the worst kooban accents I’ve ever heard). I don’t even think Tanya (last seen around here in “Playing For Passion“) is Cuban, to be honest. Not much happens between the pair, as Silvera takes to licking and jamming a few fingers into her asshole making her writhe and thrash and eventually orgasm. Eva hangs around and eats some of Tanya’s chocolates but she grows bored and leaves. 

Tanya looks particularly whorish, with lots of dark eye make-up, big hair, and a garter belt and black stockings. She’s also wearing black high heels. Silvera is desperate to fuck, but before he can insert his cock into Tanya, she places a vice grip on his balls. Ouch! A dejected Silvera scampers off to his wife, who is getting fucked by Spears. Oh wait, don’t want to get ahead of myself. 

It seems Charlie (Spears) is rather fond of Silvera’s ripped up wife, calling her “classy” amongst other more lewd things. It’s no surprise that he wants to watch her. As Silvera rushes off to make time with the housekeeper, Aja (in the black nighty) decides to paint her toes.

Spears (last seen around here in “Girls of the Night“) finds a seat on the edge of the bed for which to enjoy the festivities. Eva, who pops in and then blinks out, informs him that that he’s a pig and that her mother was right, something that Spears doesn’t deny. Spears uses his ghostlike powers to subconsciously make Aja spread her legs wider, amongst other things. Before long Spears is thrusting a gold color vibrator into Aja’s lap. She uses it for awhile, later replacing it with Spears’ rigid cock. They screw in missionary and doggy-style, with Aja apparently asleep (or hypnotized) the whole time.

Before Spears can unload (a common theme in the film), Silvera rushes in and Spears blinks out. Silvera throws a cup of water on Aja, who is undulating uncontrollably. Take note of the Baby Face poster lining the wall. 

Happening elsewhere in the house, Silvera’s son, Jeffrey (Tom Byron), is beating off to a Hustler magazine in his room, no doubt to a girl he’s already previously fucked. Eva Allen (who sounds a lot like Sheri Moon Zombie when she talks), arrives and crawls into bed with him. “He’s kinda cute,” Eva mutters.

She takes note of his raging hard-on, and licks her lips. “Sure would like to have a little of that,” she says to herself. “Just the thought of that makes a girl tingle all over.” As Byron’s beating grows more intense, Eva is beside herself with lust, begging him to slow down his stroking. She decides to show herself to him. Byron (last seen around here in “Slippery When Wet“) becomes aware of her presence and the two hit it off big time — Hawaiian Rumba dancing around the room (Tom’s semi-hard cock flopping around, well, when he’s not curiously rubbing it up against Eva). “You don’t mind if I spend the night, do you?” Eva (wearing a visor and running shoes) asks Tom, who makes it clear he has no problem with that.

Eva and Tom don’t waste time, as the pair move back to the bed and do what comes naturally unnaturally. For a ghost, Eva is surprisingly lively — practically bucking on Byron’s bullet cock in cowgirl. Things turn nearly combustible when, in doggy, Eva takes control of the situation, directing Tom on how to make love to her. “Hold still, let me fuck you. Just hold still, honey,” Eva whispers to Byron, who stops thrusting long enough to let Eva bounce her hot pussy on his dick. “Does that feel good?” she whispers. “Uh huh!” Byron growls, sounding like the stud he is.

So frickin’ hot! I actually had to rewind and watch this encounter again. Later, in missionary Byron doesn’t last long, pulling his cock out and spraying down the inside of Eva’s left… leg. Oops! It’s a lot of cum deposited.

The next morning, Tanya Fox joins Tom in the kitchen for breakfast. Tanya wants to get it on with Byron and hints at coming by his room later with some magazines. Eva (naked from the waist up and sipping a coffee) senses Fox’s duplicitous nature and stabs her in the butt with a pitchfork. Apparently Eva is a type of cupid or something. Tanya is suddenly overwhelmed with lust and immediately throws herself at Byron. While this scene isn’t nearly as hot as the earlier Byron screw, it starts off with a bang, as Tanya, with a leg draped up on the counter, orders Byron to get over there and fuck her “wild kooban ass”.

Forget the foreplay, Byron seems turned on enough by Tanya’s frisky attitude and naked body (minus the pulled up dress and black high heels) to stuff his semi-hard cock into her in doggy. It’s soft going in but it quickly gets hard buried deep inside Tanya’s warm fox hole.

 They hop up onto the cereal-covered counter for some missionary sex, but Byron is feeling playful (or he can’t maintain an erection) so he moves up and has Tanya suck his cock. He bites down on some cereal before biting his tongue and sending a volley of hot fuck juice careening across Tanya’s sweaty face and into her open mouth. She sucks his cock clean, mainly because he deserved it. Following the sex, Silvera wanders in and catches the pair. He’s shocked at first but soon limps back for some pussy. Too bad for him, though, as Fox finds god, or something and she sends him scurrying.

Later that night, Joey Silvera and Aja invite over some friends, including Blake Palmer, who is some kind of doctor/priest, and his two friends, Lisa Bright and Dana Lynn. By removing their clothes and moving around a pizza box (on its own), Spears and Allen quickly spice things up. Instead of freaking out and leaving, this group suddenly become overwhelmed with lust. Huh? Why?

Anyway, the party erupts into a full-on orgy that goes on for way too long. Aja (black high heels) and Silvera get it on while Lisa (black high heels) and Dana (last seen around here in “High Rollers“) share Palmer’s wedge. Palmer (last seen around here in “Savage Fury 2“) eats and later screws Lisa while Dana rubs Lisa’s twat.

Dana does that distinctive moaning of hers and I immediately recognized and fell in love with again. Silvera moves into place, screwing Lisa (last seen around here in “Angel’s Gotta Have It”) while Aja watches. Dana and Blake make love for a bit, before Silvera moves in and samples some of the Dana, too. The editing is a bit off here, as it becomes unclear who is screwing who at various points. The only thing I could tell is that all three ladies take cock in their pussy.

Aja and Blake make time. Blake moves back to Dana to spit his gunk across her pubes and licks it up. Silvera spits his gunk across Aja’s pubes but he isn’t so inclined to eat his own spunk. 

“We gotta get out of here,” Silvera says, post cum. The next day, the family pack up their shit and leave. Eva, dressed in a bunny outfit, and Randy, bid them a fine adieu. 

Lisa Bright isn’t credited but a cackling crow is. Huh? 


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