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Pool Party

1988. 75 minutes. CDI Home Video
Director/Producer: Jimmy Houston. Starring: Rachel Ryan, Viper, Tiffany Blake, Raven Richards, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Jon Dough.

The incest theme is explored slightly in this ho-hummer about family and friends who gather around a large pool to celebrate their father’s birthday. Dough plays the father, Viper, the wife and Byron and Ryan their progeny. Everyone else are merely friends. From the opening moments where both Rachel and Dough strip in front of each and the party guests, we realize that this isn’t your typical nuclear family.

{Scene 1 Raven Richards, Jon Dough} A lame set-up finds Dough following family friend, Raven Richards inside the house where they immediately get down to having sex. Dough and Raven run down two positions, missionary and spoon as Rachel Ryan appears in the doorway to watch. She gets so turned that she falls to her knees and begins masturbating. She eventually retreats as the pair go in for the cumshot. While in the spoon, Dough sprays cum from Raven’s snatch to her tits.

{Scene 2 Viper, Marc Wallace} Viper seduces her son’s bestfriend, Marc Wallace, leading him inside the house for sex. After some teasing, Viper hops on and rides Marc cowgirl. They turn over for some missionary that gets really exotic really fast. Viper is double jointed and she spreads her legs apart in the splits, straight out at the sides, across each side of the bed. It looks pretty damn sexy. After a lengthy poke, Viper hops up from her awkward position to catch Marc’s load in her mouth and down her arm.

{Scene 3 Rachel Ryan, Tom Byron, Tiffany Blake} The next scene is a brother and sister tagteam. Rachel and Tom double team Tiffany Blake in an inspiring scene that nearly crosses that imaginary ‘incest’ line. Tiffany gets orally serviced by Rachel while Tom stuffs his cock into her mouth. At times Tom tries to get Rachel to suck his cock, placing it right up to her lips, but she won’t play. After getting Tiffany all hot, Tom goes into her missionary. Rachel leaves, while Tom pounds into Tiffany hard and furious. The two move into cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Tom gets off a good load spraying so far that it touches down onto his own chest.

{Scene 4 Jon Dough, Tiffany Blake, Viper, Marc Wallace, Rachel Ryan, Raven Richards}The rest of the film is an orgy sequence featuring Dough, Blake, Wallace, Ryan, Viper, Richards and some dorky, long-haired, tattooed guy that Adam Film World incorrectly identified as Tom Byron. Byron does not appear in this scene. The orgy commences with Rachel and Viper stripping for the party guests. In one really weird moment, Viper calls Rachel, “a slut,” to which Rachel angrily replies, “The only slut here is you!” This vitriolic tirade continues until Jon Dough tells them both to knock it off! I have no idea what was going on in that sequence, but it sure made for a really sexy opener to a pretty good orgy. The participants pretty much pair off; Dough with Blake; Wallace with Ryan; Viper with Richards; and that freaky long-haired dude creepily roaming about.

Jon and Blake go for a standard doggie-style screw. They are propped on one end of the couch while on the other end, Rachel and Marc tussle. Jon seems overly turned on with Blake and announces early that he wants to cum. After moving the camera into position, Dough gets off a very copious load on Tiffany’s face, hair and most of the couch. The load gained so much distance that I think Marc might have caught some of it.

On the other side of the couch, Rachel sucks Marc’s cock for an eternity, before he asks, “Is that all I’m getting?” Rachel hops on cowgirl and rides him without mercy and without a cumshot. Interesting thing happens when Rachel reaches back, touches her crotch, and sniffs her hand. “Do you smell that?” She asks Marc. The camera pans away after that and never returns.

Viper and Raven Richards are the real stars of this orgy, first lezzing out on the oak wood coffee table, including a scorchingly cramped scissor-legged clit-to-clit session and later ending up on the floor where they continue their oral assault on each other. The drugged-out, tattooed guy gets a little double-head from the chicks, but he can’t get it up. He winds up jerking off while Viper and Raven sixty-nine. When he is sufficiently aroused, he announces to the girls to get over there as he is about to spurt. He gives both ladies a facial, with Viper catching the majority of it and then sucking on his rod.

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  2. kitty66
    13 Nov 2014, 5:34 pm

    Daamn looking for this film for ages.It was great!! Any tip where to get it..?

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