Escape From Anal Lost Angels

Year: 1996
Runtime: 76
Distributor: Hollywood
Studio: Filmco
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Escape From Anal Lost Angels

1996. 76 minutes. Filmco (Hollywood)

Director: Horny Henry. Cast: Alyssa Allure, Julie Rage, Nici Sterling, Nyrobi (as Nyrobi Knight), Dick Nasty, Ian Daniels, Kyle Stone, Paul Cox, Rick Masters, and in nonsex roles Lester Goldfine, Loretta Sterling.
(crew) Producer: Horny Henry. Executive Producer: Loretta Sterling. Writer: Gale Wynand. Editor: Victor Airwae, Hans Von Shue. Cinematographer: Mike Quasar (as Quasarman).

Set in the future, where a group of Ashcroft-minded moralists have pushed their ideals onto the rest of society. Using the threat of violence, these moral chekkamen have turned the future into a pretty dark and frightening place, until a band of sexual outlaws look to change things. The group is led by Cobra (Julie Rage) an ex-anal queen, proves that the moralists are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites.

{Alyssa Allure, Kyle Stone} A title card ‘1999-Before the Revolution’ introduces us to the first sex scene. Sitting on a couch, the Kyle Stone and Alyssa Allure start kissing. Kyle goes down on Alyssa, who looks super-hot here wearing on a pair of white high heels. There is a little two finger dp action, as Kyle stuffs a finger into each orifice. She sucks his cock, then hops on for some reverse cowgirl. She looks back at Kyle as she rides him, talking dirty and frigging her clit. They do some missionary, followed by some doggie-style sex. Kyle slides it up her Alyssa’s asshole for the finale. He pumps her ass for a long time, then has her spin around so she can catch his load across her face. After relaxing, the cops bust in on them, sticking M-16’s in their faces while escorting them out of the room.

{Dick Nasty, Nyrobi} While loading up a pile of adult videocassettes, Nyorbi and Dick Nasty are overcome with the urge. They kiss, then Nyrobi goes down on Dick Nasty. He slides it in her in missionary on a table. Nyrobi is dressed in a camouflage shirt, head band and large military boots. They do some doggie-style over the table with Nyrobi supposedly getting so aroused that she begs for it in her ass. Dick fucks Nyrobi’s asshole for a long long time. She spins around to catch Nasty’s load across her face. Once again, the cops bust in and take them out.

{Ian Daniels, Nici Sterling} Nici Sterling, in a pair of Daisy Dukes and a shotgun, conjures up a sexual encounter with Ian Daniels. In a dreamlike sequence, Ian and Nici are in a large bed together. Ian kisses Nici’s breasts, which are bound in a tight bra. She sucks his cock, and then they hop into it in missionary. They flip over for some doggie-style sex, which quickly becomes an anal scene. Ian fucks Nici’s asshole, while she stuffs her pussy with a large red dildo at the same time. He gives her a facial to end the scene.

{Julie Rage, Paul Cox, Rick Masters} Julie Rage, looking like the ultimate dominatrix, walks around with her breasts hanging out with tape X’ed over her nipples, large black leather boots with the really long spiked heels. Her short blonde hair, gives her this kind of sexy dyke look. She intiates sex with the two swat cops who broke in on the couples earlier. The cops are played by Rick Masters and Paul Cox. Rick goes down on her, while Paul gets his cock sucked. They are on a yellow mattress in the middle of what looks to be a junkyard. The two boys trade off fucking her pussy, culminating with them dping her. Rick Masters gets her pussy, while muscle-stud Paul Cox gets her backdoor. This is a really long, really hot, dp. To finish, Julie lays flat on her back as the boys jerk their cocks off on either side of her face (I love this shot!). She urges them on to a double pop-shot. Rick first and followed by Paul. They cake her face in cum and she thanks them by giving them some post-cum head.

{Julie Rage, Kyle Stone} Sitting at a bar, Julie Rage and Kyle Stone have a lengthy discussion. Julie is dressed elegantly in a sexy yellow dress, and is smoking a cigarette in the scene. Fetishists take note, Julie is a great smoker, tilting her head skyward towards the ceiling and exhaling. After she and Kyle kick the rest of the people out of the bar, the two get down to some hot sex. Julie starts by sucking Kyle’s cock. Then, he goes down on her, before stuffing it in missionary. They follow with some standing doggie. Julie wants it in her ass and Kyle accomodates her. He gives her a facial to end the scene.

There is a run-down of what happened to all of the people in the film before it finally ends. Another by-the-numbers Hollywood Video production that wasn’t all that bad.

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