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Double Plugged

2009. 120 mins, Baby Doll (Baby Doll)
Director: No Director
Starring: Alana Evans, Celestia Star, Kat, Kelly Wells, Persia DeCarlo (as Persia), Rachel Luv, Sophia, Vanilla Skye, Victoria Sin, Buster Good, Cheyne Collins (as Cheyne Blanc), Dick Delaware, Dick Tracy, John West, Justin Magnum, Matt Bixel, Rod Fontana, Talon, Tyce Bune

Another random collection of bottom-rung scenes from the Kevin Beechum fuck factory, whereupon a gaggle of classy dames (read: skeezy whores) are double penetrated mere seconds after they introduce themselves. The director, who remains behind the camera (and un-credited), briefly (!) chats with the ladies, and then steps back as she is immediately double fucked by a pair of horny guys. Gutter-whore Kelly Wells {dirty blonde, lithe body, dark circles around her eyes (from what, I wonder?), smallish real tits, wearing only white high heels — sounds like she’s strung out on smack or something} kicks starts the first scene, announcing her name (“I’m Kelly ‘Fucking’ Wells”), and then easing into her typical sleaziness with two porn hunks, John West and Cheyne Collins (credits: Cheyne Blanc). After a quick double bj, the boys proceed to double fuck her. Blanc shotguns Wells’ porthole-sized ass slit and seems to struggle early on to keep it up, and then, later, succumbs to some pre-cum spillage (hot!). The boys trade off holes momentarily, so that West can spend some time in her asshole, as per his contract, I guess. Kelly, looking pretty haggard here, part of her charm, I guess, gets a double open-mouthed facial for her efforts.

Victoria Sin {long jet black hair, mildly anorexic body, itty bitty tits, plain looking} is next up, taking on Matt Bixel and John West. Some random trading off of her pussy ends with some steamy dp action, with Bixel tagging the ass while West gets the pussy. They switch off, with West adding some rare dirty talk as he pillages Sin’s shitter. Victoria gets a double open-mouthed facial for her efforts.

Kat (blonde hair, really small tits, braces, navel piercing, shaved pussy (including razor burn/zits), no belly tone, skinny legs, wearing white panties and white high heels), confirms her whorishness when she admits before the scene that she doesn’t know the names of the guys who will be fucking her. Nice. As it turns out, Dick Delaware and John West are the two studs tasked with screwing the skank, and screw they do. Delaware, absolutely turned on here, breaks in her asshole, setting her up for some really good dp action. Later, West gets the ass while Delaware gets the pussy. After some rigorous pounding, Delaware pulls out, nearly ejaculating in the process. “Bad cock!” he says, smacking it back into submission. Delaware later does some back and forth action, switching out of her pussy and ass. Cute! They give her a double open mouth facial for her efforts. Pretty good, romantic scene!

Kentucky hick Alana Evans {blonde, cute despite the weird nose, smallish tits, some belly flab, clit piercing, tattoo on her left hip} tangles with Rod Fontana and Dick Delaware next. Fontana, in full foot fetish mode, pulls off sexy red hooker shoes (damn you, Fontana!) and sucks on her toes. Later, Delaware hops into some RC and Alana’s back-to-back pussy squirts cause him to nearly bust off a load. I have to admit, that part was sexy. The boys eventually dp the slut, with each trading off holes and busting their loads criss-cross across her face and open mouth.

Vanilla Skye {long brown hair, small real tits, loss of muscle tone, dark prominent eyebrows, navel piercing, tattoos on her lower back, one left of her stomach at the bikini line, and one on her right ankle, wearing black panties, a black bra and black high heels} opens her scene with Dick Tracy (retire already!) and Talon, by talking about how much she loves being double penetrated. She sounds like another dim bulb. The boys don’t care, and after trading off her holes, it’s the usual generic dp love-making, ending with the usual double open mouthed facial.

Rachel Luv {3 beers cute, brown hair, thin body, small nice tits, bald, blue jean corset, silver high heels) tangles with Dick Tracy (ug!) and John West. After the usual interview junk about her liking two cocks, she enjoys a “Gag Factor“-inspired oral session, complete with lots of saliva and gook dangling from her face. They dp her in a rather dull, lengthy session that finds Tracy dirty talking and me nearly retching in disgust. When a chatty West takes over switching between her pussy and ass, things actually heat up a bit, especially when he gets Luv to do some sleazy a2m stuff. There’s the standard double open mouth facial to end the scene.

Persia DeCarlo (credits: Persia) is a cutie, with long jet black hair, itty bitty tits, and a thin, tight body. She also has a navel piercing, which adds to her overall whore factor. When the scene opens, she’s wearing a pink shirt and a pair of black high heels (the kind with straps around the ankles). Thankfully, her partners, Dick Tracy (enough already!) and Tyce Bune, quickly doff the shirt but leave the heels. Thanks, guys! She succumbs to the usual double bj, double penetration antics we saw in the first half-dozen scenes. Neither guy seems all that intrigued, even when criss cross busting their nuts across her open mouth.

England-born slut Celestia Star is a godsend, at least to this boring collection. She, of the foul-mouthed English-accented whore, tangles with hunks, John West and Buster Good, in the next steamy scene. Celestia {long blonde hair, fake tits, lithe body, bald, wearing a black corset and black high heels – the kind with ankle straps} gets double penetrated by the boys and, apparently, loves every fucking second of it. West switches out of her pussy and ass in a great scene, that becomes a sleazy gaping session. Good even hawks a loogie onto Celestial’s face while screwing her ass in the pile driver position. So romantic! Celestia shivers (god, that‘s sexy!), quakes and farts – yes, farts – in delight, as the two boys make love to her holes. Beautiful! There’s a gorgeous double open-mouth facial for her efforts.

Sophia {cute despite her veteran status, with nice eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, thin, tight body, navel piercing, bald, fake tits} tangles with muscle hunks Justin Magnum and John West. More of the same double penetration sleaze, ending with more of the same double open mouth facial antics we saw in the eight earlier encounters. Only West and Magnum keep this watchable. Granted, while there’s something strangely romantic, and sordid, about three performers jumping into dp action right off the bat with barely any lead-up or foreplay, it still doesn‘t make it a great sex-flick. The mechanical redundancy of it all eventually kills whatever heat that was generated early on.

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