Backdoor To Hollywood 2

Year: 1986
Runtime: 90
Distributor: CDI Home Video
Studio: Cinderella
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Trinity Loren plays a successful sex-obsessed movie producer who is having trouble finding the right girl for the part she is casting in her latest epic. She explains to her partner, played by Randy West, that the girl has to be innocent looking, but at the same time a total nympho, “…a woman so into sex she wants to suck every cock she can find.” Trinity searches high and low, not realizing that the girl she is looking for lives in the same house.

Backdoor To Hollywood 2 garnered some attention at the time of its release for showing a rare double anal penetration scene on actress Brittany Stryker. While contemporary porn seems loaded with double anal scenes, Backdoor To Hollywood 2 was one of the first to show it in such lush detail. According to the archives, Bridgette Maier did the first dap back in the 70’s in the film French Blue: Anal Assult and Penetration, however the scene was poorly photographed and unsexy. Hollywood 2’s dap deserves its praise, as it is easily one of the sexiest double anal scenes I’ve ever watched — thanks mostly to the actress in the scene, the classy Brittany Stryker. Excalibur films described Ms. Stryker in her site bio as, “…a mouth-watering babe watchers’ delight. With a round and firm butt and a pair of bite-sized natural breasts, Brittany Stryker had the look of a centerfold model. Her gorgeous face was framed with a massive head of kinky curls, and her eyes had an intensity to them that was almost hypnotic.” Brittany’s double anal, although not the first ever shot, did help to persuade producers in porn that maybe there was a market for such bawdy activities. Less than a decade later, Christopher Alexander and his Anabolic team would help usher in a new era of double anal loving.

The rest of the cast looks amazing, including Tanya Foxx and Trinity Loren. Trinity’s got a gorgeous pair that I never get tired of seeing and Tanya is perfect as the whore who can never get enough dick. The guys, only three of which are still working today, have never looked more buff, and even lounge lizard Ron Jeremy appears halfway presentable in his dp scene with Tanya Foxx. This is a fantastic, raunchy film.


Trinity Loren and Randy West in a bed; After a fairly hot opening featuring a naked Trinity Loren chatting on the phone in a bubble bath. The film continues to pick up steam with the first encounter only minutes later when Randy West, playing Trinity’s boyfriend, trades verbal jabs for kisses before laying back to get his cock sucked on by his big-busted girl. Randy, the perennial golden boy, is already tuned in and turned on by the sight of Trinity’s huge whoppers. Even though she is still wearing a black nightgown when she hops on to ride West’s cock in reverse cowgirl, it does little to contain her gorgeous slabs of flesh. “Ride child,” he mutters to a near hysterical Loren. Some momentary positioning allows for a steamy doggie-style session with West throwing his huge breasted lover a serious slamming. At one point, he grabs her feet and pulls them up behind his back, as to get better leverage. He spurts a mini-load across her ass to end the scene.

Trinity Loren and Brittany Stryker in a kitchen; Brittany Stryker, playing Loren’s maid, isn’t against a lesbian tussle when Trinity makes sexual advances towards her. They are standing in a kitchen, allowing the counter to become the main prop. A great moment comes when Brittany pulls off Trinity’s shirt, revealing those huge whoppers wrapped up in a black bra. Brittany sucks on them, before having Trinity jump up onto the counter so she can lick on her pussy. Trinity stops the proceedings, muttering, “Let’s get that great body out of that dress.” After Brittany gets out of her uniform, Trinity spins around and faces the camera, as Brit undoes her bra. “Whooo!” Trinity mutters as her huge tits plop out. Brittany, naked except for some black high heels, hops up onto the counter and spreads her legs wide apart, letting Trinity have a go. After some serious tongue action, Brittany squeals, “Oh ya, make me cum!” Her jittery, spastic legs seem to confirm that she did indeed have something close to an orgasm. Trinity bends over to get her asshole rimmed by a very turned-on Brittany. The two kiss to end the scene.

Trinity Loren and Scott Irish in a study; Casting agent Scott Irish finds Trinity Loren alone in her study taking a smoke break. It seems poor Scott is having trouble figuring out what kind of girl Trinity wants for the part, so she decides to give him an example. Trinity nonchalantly unzips his pants and immediately starts sucking his cock. Scott is stunned at first, but quickly gets into it. Trinity is a voracious cock sucker, and her handjob abilities are nothing short of fierce. “I never expected this from my boss,” Scott mutters, before letting go a huge load across Trinity’s gorgeous face.

Brittany Stryker and Don Fernando in a shed; Loren’s in-house gardner, Don Fernando, finishes for the day and decides to join maid Brittany Stryker outside by a shed. Brittany’s feeling a little horny and goads Fernando into a quickie fuck. Trinity Loren, who is inside watching audition tapes, overhears them and moves over to a doorway to watch. She gets so turned on watching them go at it, that she can’t help but fondle her boobs and rub her crotch. Brittany, naked except for some black high heels and her cute maid hat, takes a tongue lashing from Fernando in a long oral opener. Stryker drops to her knees to return the favor, using what she calls “vacuum power” to suck on his cock. They screw in sitting missionary up on the table, with Brittany dirty-talking and carrying on. She spins around, inviting Fernando to fuck her hard. They jump up onto the table for some quick reverse cowgirl, leading into some doggie-style anal. Don slips his cock deep inside Brittany’s ass for a really well shot fuck. What is really great about this is Brittany seems just as into it as Don here, making for some great footage. “I love your cock in my ass,” she tells him repeatedly. Fernando sprays a good load down Stryker’s ass crack to end the scene. A nice surprise follows their fuck when Brittany announces to Fernando, “I’d like to have two guys put their cocks into my ass at the same time.” This, of course, is setting up the audience for the big climax.

Tanya Foxx, Ron Jeremy and Frank James on a couch; Tanya Foxx, looking radiant and smoking a cigarette, is great as the prima donna actress looking to negotiate a deal with two Hollywood agents… in her own way. The agents are played by big-dicked porn veterans Frank James and Ron Jeremy, the latter of which appears almost presentable. Tanya wants them both, thus setting forth a rather steamy threeway session across a large brown couch. Ms. Foxx is wearing white high heels and a dress, which she easily bypasses when she gets the chance to suck on Frank James’ huge cock. Ron dutifully licks her clit before slipping his sausage into Tanya’s pussy, who is splayed out across the couch, unaware that a cock has been inserted. “Ya, now ride that,” Ron says, rather impatiently to a seemingly distracted Foxx. She does so, thrusting her pussy up and down on Ron’s cock, before Frank begs him to switch off. Tanya lays in the spoon position as Frank slips it inside. These two ride hard and poor Ron is left hanging, jerking off his cock. Frank moves Tanya over and has her ride his cock cowgirl. Things get a little heated when Tanya motions for Ron to slip his cock in her ass. Everyone, including Tanya, is dripping with sweat once the double penetration commences. Tanya is a total whore, throwing herself back onto the two cocks, while screaming out a slew of obscenities — ‘shit’ being the most prominent word used. Tanya is relentless in her inexorable thrusting, causing Ron’s poor cock to bend in half under the pressure. Ron’s mild consternation at his bent cock causes Tanya to mutter, “I like it when it bends.” It isn’t long before the two boys are pulling out to shoot off huge ropes across her backside. Extremely hot scene!

Brittany Stryker, Randy West and Scott Irish on a couch; Brittany Stryker holds her own in a casting meeting with Randy West and Scott Irish — a meeting that ends with Brittany challenging the two to fuck her at the same time. The three strip down to their birthday suits. “I love those little titties,” Randy mutters after seeing Brittany with her shirt off. Scott stuffs his cock into Stryker while she sucks on Randy. After getting himself worked up, West has Brittany spin around for some doggie-style, “Now, that’s one tight pussy,” he says upon entering. The boys fuck her hard, with West inserting a thumb into Brittany’s asshole. He makes it clear to Irish that he’s going to fuck this whore in the ass, to which Scott, always the academic, comes up with a plan. “You put your cock up it and I’ll put mine up it too… Two dicks in her ass!” It seems Brittany has finally found the two men who will make her double anal dream come true, “Two in one! Yes,” she shrieks, happily. West is a little hesitant, but decides to go along with it because, ‘hey, it might feel good’. Brittany gets on her hands and knees as Scott Irish moves in, up and over doggie-style, sliding his cock up her ass. Randy West slowly moves in behind them, and slides his cock up Brittany’s ass alongside Scott’s cock. This is an odd position that looks at a certain angle like West is fucking Scott. The double anal is hot, fairly lengthy and very well shot, with Irish and West doing what seems like an almost homoerotic audio play-by-play. At one point, West blurts, “It’s tight, so tight,” while at the same time trying to keep up with Irish who is hollering for him to fuck harder. Irish remains mostly still, letting West’s pounding cock generate most of the friction and the pleasure. The scene is sweaty, sleazy and totally animalistic — everything one wants in a sexual encounter. The chattering between the trio is almost non-stop, adding a whole other level to the proceedings. The best moment however, comes when Brittany looks over her shoulder and asks Scott, “Does it feel good?” Irish is clearly in heaven here, replying, “Two dicks… Thank God, you’re ass is so tight.” Not sure what he meant by that statement, but it sure sounded hot. West and Irish switch to her mouth and pussy to finish off Ms. Stryker. During a lengthy blowjob/handjob, an extremely turned-on Randy West cums across Brittany’s face, while Irish sprays her pubes down pulling out of her puss. The boys offer Brittany the role, adding, “You came in through the backdoor.”

Smoking fetishists note; At least two of the ladies smoke in this movie including Trinity Loren and Tanya Foxx. Trinity smokes a cigarette right before her blowjob on Scott Irish. It’s not very memorable, but not bad if you want to see Trinity smoking. Tanya Foxx also smokes a cigarette during her pre-dp chat with Ron and Frank. Tanya is a fantastic smoker including some great inhales and exhales.

This film is only available in the VHS format. It can be found on Toyboxxx.com, Excalibur Films, Jaded Video and Goliath films. Hopefully, this film sees another life on DVD because it actually deserves it. Fantastic!

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