Pervs On Patrol 2827 Box

Review: Pervs On Patrol 2827

Also Known As: Asian Girl Gets Undressed Miko Dai, in a blue wig, is getting ready to attend a cosplay convention with her boyfriend. Given the sneaky filming style, peeking around furniture and such, we conclude pretty quickly that Ms. Dai is being spied on. Not creepy at all. After getting...
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Fast Times Fantasy Box

Review: Fast Times Fantasy

This is the second “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” porn knock-off, the first being “This Isn’t Fast Times at Ridgemont High” for those keeping score. Rather than attempt to pornify the entire movie, the folks over at Brazzers are content to re-create (and slightly adjust) one of the film’s key scenes...
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Highway Hoes 3 Box Front

Review: Highway Hoes 3

More of the same Pink Visual does Bang Bros stuff (see my review of the first “Highway Hoes“), with a trio of mooks roaming around, I think, Florida, looking to pick up babes for sex. The set-ups feel silly, for the most part, and one nearly goes off the...
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Flying Pink Pig 2 Box Front

Review: Flying Pink Pig 2

“Flying Pink Pig 2” follows nicely where the last one left off with Sunny Lane and Nicki Hunter, owners of a popular Los Angeles taco truck, facing off against the unscrupulous Ron Jeremy and his sexy boss, Alexis Texas. It seems Texas is desperate to get a truck into...
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Xmas Sweater Party Box

Review: Xmas Sweater Party

Brooklyn Chase, Shawna Lenee (2011’s “Bikini Warriors“) and a bunch of non-credited extras gather for a Christmas party hosted by Danny D. Slipping away to the kitchen for some food, Brooklyn confesses to Shawna that the only reason she even came was because she was anxious to see the...
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Take Three For The Team Box

Review: Take Three For The Team

Butler Scotch, played by an uncredited scruff-faced fellow, is the leading forward of the Tucson Tentacles soccer team of some un-named American-based independent soccer league. They are taking on the Albuquerque Felons in a game that apparently has some importance (as related during a pre-game interview). Scotch is a cocky...
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Goddess of Big Dick Box

Review: Goddess of Big Dick

As my two readers know, I haven’t been writing many reviews of late as I’ve been dedicating more time to making the iafd more complete. Since we’re engaging in a big push to start adding more web-based content to the db, I figured I could take a few minutes...
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Take a Seat Box

Review: Take a Seat

Blonde, tattooed, bodybuilding goddess (!), Cali Carter (2013’s “Amateur Street Pickups 5“), is rubbing one out in her apartment prior to an evening out. An annoying buzzing sound soon fills the room, distracting Cali from her carnal activities. It’s coming from her neighbour’s apartment… again. Cali is at the...
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Naughty Knots Box

Review: Naughty Knots

Despite looking like a none-too-bright, overly made up, Jersey Shore clone, Savananah Fox (2013’s “I Wanna Buttfuck Your Daughter 15“), the star of this 40 minute drizzler, is pretty goddamn sexy. Not only is she easy on the eyes facially but she’s got an amazing, semi-muscular body that will...
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Texas Flood DVD Front

Review: Texas Flood

Previously released as “Squirting Cowgirls 1” in 2007, “Texas Flood” changes up the scene order, re-does the credits and trims some of the intros in order to give the impression that this is an original work. It’s not. Anyone familiar with K-Beech and their habit of re-packaging their older...
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