Club Cougar Steals The Cock Fake Box

Review: Club Cougar Steals The Cock

Sneaking off to the ladies room with some guy she met at the club, Reena Sky, in a nonsex role, can’t believe how big his cock is. Of course, the cock belongs to Brazzers regular, Danny D. (2013’s “Buttfucking The Bully”). As she makes excuses on why she might...
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Latina Streaks in Construction Site Fake Box

Review: Latina Streaks in Construction Site

Hollie Berry, a really cute Latina, is out driving around Miami with Levi Cash (2009’s “Barely Legal Miami Girls“) and Peter Green (2015’s “Ashley Adams Gets Her Pussy Pumped“). Apparently she has lost some bet and now the boys want her to pay up by completing a dare. Driving...
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Hi Neighbor Boxcover Front

Review: Hi Neighbor

According to Richard Mann (2015’s “Iron Throat: Amber Rayne“), sometime in 2014, he travelled to Florida to meet up with Alexis Golden’s Hungarian galpal, Angie Noir (credits: Angir Noir), and over the course of three days, they managed to crank out a couple of movies, one of which I’ll...
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Don't Fuck With this Milf Fake Box

Review: Don’t Fuck With this Milf

Aspiring writer and filmmaker Keiran Lee (2015’s “Sweet Peta Pie“) arrives at the home of big-shot Hollywood producer, Ashton Blake, looking to pitch his movie idea, ‘Chip’s Dilemma’. He’s certain it’ll be a blockbuster. Inside, Ashton is in the middle of a workout and her assistant, the same unknown...
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Rating Staci Fake Boxcover

Review: Rating Staci

Staci Carr and her co-worker / bestfriend (a never-credited guy who turns up in a lot of these Brazzers movies including one I reviewed called “Take Three For The Team“) are chilling out over a coffee one morning. Apparently they attended an office party the previous night and the...
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Ass Capades Boxcover Front

Review: Ass Capades

Early Sean Michaels (1993’s “Anal Sensations“) movie follows a bunch of drug dealers and wannabe drug dealers as they work to get an experimental new sex drug, still in the testing phases, onto the streets early. Apparently the drug causes the person taking it to become incredibly aroused and,...
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Puzzy Bandit 25 Boxcover Front

Review: Puzzy Bandit 25

AKA: Puzzy Bandit 25: Interview Leilani Lei Jonathan Jordan aka The Puzzy Bandit (2013’s “Puzzy Bandit 1“), a skinny black guy with a huge cock, has been cranking out these interracial amateur tapes by the truck load of late. He’s an affable, easy-going bloke and his female co-stars seem...
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Anal Sensations Box Front

Review: Anal Sensations

Another collection of anal scenes (well, mostly) filmed by Alex DeRenzy under his Rex Borsky (1994’s “Certifiably Anal“) pseudonym. This is assembly-line, robotic porn with nary a word spoken between any of the performers aside from the usual mid-sex commentary and vulgarities. Since some of the ladies don’t actually...
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Iron Throat: Amber Rayne Box

Review: Iron Throat: Amber Rayne

When we catch up with the dreamy Amber Rayne (2011’s “Rezervoir Doggs“), she is in the bathroom getting ready for her big day. Yup, some lucky bloke has done snagged her proper. Dagnabit. She’s in a rush to get her make up done before the limo arrives. After receiving a...
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My Stepmom's Panties Fake Box

Review: My Stepmom’s Panties

Horny old biddy Shayla LaVeaux (2002’s “Inventing Starr“) has been suffering from excessive vaginal discharge stemming from the fact that her hubby has been away on business, and she is desperate for sex. The non-stop flow has resulted in her constantly having to change out of her soaked panties...
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