Texas Flood DVD Front

Review: Texas Flood

Previously released as “Squirting Cowgirls 1” in 2007, “Texas Flood” changes up the scene order, re-does the credits and trims some of the intros in order to give the impression that this is an original work. It’s not. Anyone familiar with K-Beech and their habit of re-packaging their older...
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Review: Fucking Santa

Cheapie productions featuring swinging couples, usually middle-aged and white, screwing buff ebony skinned men, that’s the best way to describe the various films produced by Michael McKown’s Dark Secret Video company. Their catalogue is deep (currently 7 pages with 10 entries per page on Hotmovies.com) and if you spend some...
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Fresh Off The Boat DVD Front

Review: Fresh Off The Boat 8

The set-ups involve the women being examined by a doctor (Ed Hunter) who screws them with a plastic penis before sending them down the hall to another office for a more thorough examination session – one that involves each gal offering up their orifices for a chance at staying...
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Bound Gang Bangs 49 DVD Front

Review: Bound Gang Bangs 25497

Vicki Chase, the bubbly 18 year old cutie last scene around here in “Don’t Tell My Wife I Assfucked the Babysitter 11”, is in a lockerroom being interviewed by the goddess, Princess Donna (2008’s “Public Disgrace 5780“), about her upcoming scene. Chase confesses that this will be her first...
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Amateur Street Pickups 5 DVD Front

Review: Amateur Street Pickups 5

Some attractive newcomers, including the dreamy Cali Carter, are picked up on the streets and in front of shopping malls around Miami and screwed by the usual assortment of camera-wielding studs. The footage, taking place in motels, inside cars and at a park, is all POV and the studs...
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Mom's Cuckold 8 DVD Front

Review: Mom’s Cuckold 8

Raunchy segments that feature five irritated, sexually neglected white women getting their fuck on with hunky black men as their hubby sits by taking heaps of verbal abuse and emasculating taunts. Feminists and self-hating men will love it.   Katie Kox, a trashy blonde with a giant fake tits,...
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Amy Daly The Translesbian 2 DVD Front

Review: Amy Daly The Translesbian 2

In my review of “Amy Daly The Translesbian” I noted that the film’s star, Amy Daly, had some problems ejaculating. She could get hard just fine but she couldn’t seem to cum. I suspected at the time that it had something to do with whatever hormonal supplements she was...
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Kelly Shibari's Chubby Safari DVD Front

Review: Kelly Shibari’s Chubby Safari

Released exclusively on VOD via FetishMovies.com/Monarchy Distribution, “Kelly Shibari’s Chubby Safari” includes four scenes from Shibari’s award-winning PaddedKink.com, a site that caters to plus-sized pet play enthusiasts. The activities featured here include pony, puppy, gerbil and zentai play and will surely appeal to those who get off on this...
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All New Hot Showers DVD Front

Review: All New Hot Showers

Abandoned in 2009 after 18 volumes, Hustler has set out to re-charge their once thriving “Hot Showers” series by affixing an “All New” to the title and getting someone who will work cheap to helm it. Rick Davis, the person behind so much of the trash released by Kevin...
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Anal Attraction 12 DVD Front

Review: Anal Attraction 12

Nominated for Best Amateur Release by AVN, it should be noted that “Anal Attraction 12” is a compilation tape with three of the four scenes appearing elsewhere originally. I wasn’t able to identify the source of the fourth encounter but I sense that it too emerged originally elsewhere. I...
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